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All abstracts by Helen Bostock in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Mid-Miocene Ocean Temperatures from Paired Coccolith Δ47 and Foraminifera Mg/Ca Ratios
Defliese WF, Crundwell M, Bostock H & Hollis CJ

(2021) Timing of Seafloor Spreading Cessation at the Macquarie Ridge Complex (SW Pacific) and Implications for Upper Mantle Heterogeneity
Jiang Q, Merle R, Jourdan F, Olierook H, Whitehouse M, Evans K, Wang X-C, Conway C, Bostock H & Wysoczanski R

(2019) Cretaceous Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures from Bulk Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Thermometery
Dawson R, Affek H, Elder L, Bostock H, Goldklang M, Pagani M & Hull P

(2019) Reconstructing Ocean-Atmosphere Processes over Earth’s History Using Zinc and Cadmium Isotopes
Druce M, Stirling C, Rolison J, Frew R & Bostock H

(2019) Tracking Deep Ocean Carbon Release over the Last Deglaciation
Shuttleworth R, Foster G, Chalk T, De La Vega E, Roberts J, Greenop R, Bostock H, Burke A, Bijma J & Lamy F

(2017) SW Pacific Export Production Since the Last Glacial Maximum: No Evidence for Iron Fertilisation
Chase Z, Durand A, Bostock H, Jaccard S, Neil H, Noble T & Townsend A

(2013) Deglacial Trends in the Oxygen Content of Intermediate Waters in the Southwest Pacific
Chase Z, Townsend A, Bostock H & Neil H

(2013) A 30ka Sponge-Diatom Silicon Isotope Record of Dissolved Silicon Concentration in Subantarctic Mode Water
Rousseau J, Ellwood M, Neil H, Bostock H & Fallon S

(2012) Insights on Biomineralisation and the Nature of 'Vital Effects' Using Boron Isotopes
Henehan M, Foster G, Rae J, Ries J, Erez J, Bostock H, Kucera M, Castillo K, Martinez-Bota M & Wilson P

(2011) Horizontial and Vertical Water Mass Tracing of the SW Pacific Ocean during the Last Deglaciation
Marr J, Baker J, Carter L, Allan A, Christiansen K & Bostock H

(2009) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in Paired Water Column and Surface Sediment Samples
Bradtmiller L, Robinson L, McManus J, Auro M & Bostock H

(2006) Mg/Ca, Stable Isotopes and an Important paleo-Salintiy Record from the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
Opdyke B, Edwards J, Bostock H, Lea D, Spero H, Gagan M & Fifield K

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