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All abstracts by Chiara Boschi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Earliest Fossil Record of Cyanobacterial Microbialites >120 Myr Before the Great Oxygenation Event
Hickman-Lewis K, Gasparotto G, Maris A, Poggiali G, Brucato JR, Baneschi I, Boschi C, Siketić Z, Jakšić M, Barac M, Brajković M, Krmpotić M, Ghica D, Stefan M & Cavalazzi B

(2021) Exploring the Hydrothermal Evolution of Seawater-Exposed Ultramafic Rocks and the Abundance of Microbial Activity
Schwarzenbach EM, Früh-Green GL, Boschi C & Vogel M

(2021) Sequestration of Mantle CO2 into the Ligurian Ophiolites of Central Tuscany
Rielli A, Boschi C & Dini A

(2019) Tectonically Controlled Carbonation of Serpentinites in the Ligurian Ophiolites: Genesis of the Castiglioncello Magnesite Deposit
Rielli A, Boschi C & Dini A

(2019) From CO2 Geothermal Emissions to Commercial Material in the Framework of the H2020 GECO Project: What We can Learn from the Ligurian
Boschi C, Rielli A, Dini A, Baneschi I, Gola G, Montegrossi G, Orlando A, Ruggeri G & Trumpy E

(2018) Isotope Constraints on Serpentinite Mineral Carbonation
Boschi C, Dini A, Baneschi I & Bedini F

(2018) Sulfur as a Tracer for Peridotite-Fluid-Microbe Interaction in the Oceanic Lithosphere
Schwarzenbach E, Liebmann J, Früh-Green G, Boschi C, Rouméjon S, Strauss H & Wiechert U

(2016) Brucite-Driven Serpentinite Carbonation at Montecastelli (Tuscany, Italy)
Boschi C, Dini A, Bedini F, Baneschi I & Perchiazzi N

(2015) Microbial Diversity in the Hydromagnesite Mineralization
Bedini F, Boschi C, Ménez B, Di Giuseppe G, Perchiazzi N & Zanchetta G

(2013) Carbonation of Serpentine Mine Tailing: The Example of Montecastelli Mine (Tuscany, Italy)
Boschi C, Dini A, Bedini F, Baneschi I, Natali C & Dallai L

(2013) Serpentinization, Metasomatism and Carbonate Precipitation in Jurassic Mafic and Ultramafic Sea-Floor
Vogel M, Früh-Green GL, Boschi C & Schwarzenbach EM

(2013) Chromium Mobility in Tuscan Serpentinite Bodies: Inferences from Rodingitization and Carbonation
Natali C, Boschi C, Baneschi I, Dini A & Chiarantini L

(2012) The Carbon Dioxide Mineral Sequestration Analogues: Examples from Tuscany (Italy)
Boschi C, Dallai L, Dini A, Baneschi I, Langone A, Cavallo A & Ruggieri G

(2011) Natural Analogue of CO2 Mineral Sequestration: The Tuscan Magnesite Deposits
Boschi C, Dallai L, Dini A & Ruggieri G

(2008) Boron Isotope Systematic of Marine Hydrothermal Fluids: New Insights from the Lost City Hydrothermal System (MAR 30°N)
Boschi C, Dini A, Früh-Green GL, Zandomeneghi G, Kelley DS & Meier BH

(2007) Building Lost City: Serpentinization, Mass Transfer and Life in a Peridotite-Hosted Hydrothermal System
Früh-Green G, Delacour A, Boschi C, Bernasconi S, Butterfield D, Kelley D & Proskurowski G

(2002) Serpentinization and Carbonate Precipitation at the Lost City Vent Field (30N, MAR)
Boschi C, Frueh-Green GL & Kelley DS

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