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All abstracts by Claire Bollinger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The GEISEIR Cruise: Sr, Nd and Trace Elements High Resolution of Mantle Signal beneath the Southeast Indian Ridge
Hemond C, Bollinger C, Hanan B, Graham D & Nonnotte P

(2017) Particulate Trace Element Export in the North Atlantic (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Sarthou G, Bollinger C, Jeandel C, Castrillejo M & Planchon F

(2014) Trace Element Behaviour and the Export of Organically-Bound Dissolved Iron at Cold Seeps
Lemaitre N, Bayon G, Ondréas H, Freslon N, Bollinger C, Rouget M-L, de Prunelé A, Ruffine L, Olu K & Sarthou G

(2013) Rare Earth Element Signatures of Metal-Rich Hydrothermal Ferromanganese Deposit in the South-West Pacific
Josso P, Pelleter E, Pourret O, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Bollinger C

(2013) REE and Neodymium Isotopes in Sedimentary Organic Matter
Freslon N, Bayon G, Toucanne S, Bermell S, Bollinger C, Cheron S, Etoubleau J, Germain Y, Kripounoff A, Ponzevera E & Rouget ML

(2010) Behaviour of Rare Earth and Trace Elements during Fluid Venting at Cold Seeps
Birot D, Bayon G, Ruffine L, Caprais J-C, Bollinger C, Ponzevera E, Rongemaille E & Voisset M

(2010) Determination of Trace Elements in Seawater by ICP-SFMS after Tm Addition and Co-precipitation
Freslon N, Bayon G, Birot D, Bollinger C & Barrat J-A

(2010) The Origin of Very Low Eu Anomalies in Diogenites
Barrat J-A, Yamaguchi A, Zanda B, Bollinger C & Bohn M

(2009) REEs in Authigenic Carbonates: A New Proxy for Tracing Fluid Sources at Cold Seeps
Rongemaille E, Bayon G, Pierre C, Mecozzi S, Bollinger C, Etoubleau J, Voisset M & Fouquet Y

(2009) Cold Seep Systems: a Source or Sink for REEs in the Ocean ?
Bayon G, Birot D, Ruffine L, Caprais J-C, Bollinger C, Rongemaille E, Donval J-P, Charlou J-L & Voisset M

(2004) Intercomparison of New Th Isotopic Standards: Preliminary Results
Innocent C, Bollinger C, Chabaux F, Claude C, Durand N, Le faouder A, Kiefel B & Pomiès C

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