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All abstracts by Nami Kitchen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Is Paleoproterozoic Atmospheric Oxygenation Linked to the Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level? Evidence from Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopic Signatures in Archean to Proterozoic Sediment-Derived Granitoids
Liebmann J, Spencer CJ, Bucholz CE, Kirkland CL, Martin L, Xia X-P & Kitchen N

(2019) Does Natural Gas Form in Isotopic Equilibrium?
Thiagarajan N, Xie H, Ponton C, Kitchen N, Peterson B, Lawson M, Formolo M, Xiao Y & Eiler J

(2018) Integrated Geochemical and Microbiological Study of Wilcox Oils and Gases of Northern Louisiana
Lawson M, Formolo M, Skinner B, Summers Z, Biddle J, Kitchen N, Thiagarajan N, Xie H & Eiler J

(2016) Determining the Isotopic Structures of Molecules by Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
Eiler J, Chimiak E, Dallas B, Griep-Raming J, Juchelka D, Kitchen N, Makarov A & Schwieters J

(2014) Isotopic Anatomies of Organic Compounds
Eiler J, Blake G, Dallas B, Kitchen N, Lloyd M & Sessions A

(2003) 13C18O16O in Air
Eiler J, Schauble E & Kitchen N

(2003) New Insight into the Origin of the Low ╬┤18O Magmas in Iceland
Wang Z, Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2003) Measurement and Significance of 13C18O16O in Thermodynamically Equilibrated and Environmental CO2
Schauble E, Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2002) Hydrogen-Isotope Geochemistry of the CM Chondrites
Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2001) Micro-Analysis of D/H Ratios in Mantle Minerals by Carrier-Gas Mass Spectrometry
O'Leary J, Kitchen N & Eiler JM

(2000) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Recent Magnesian Lavas from Iceland's Northern Neovolcanic Zone
Eiler J, Kitchen N, Gronvold K, McKenzie D, Stracke A & Zindler A

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