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All abstracts by Gerhard Bohrmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Variations in Microbial Community Composition in Methane Enriched Sediments Across a Tectonic Transition Offshore Southwestern Taiwan
Chen J-N, Tu T-H, Cheng T-J, Pape T, Wallmann K, Lin S, Wang P-L, Lin L-H & Bohrmann G

(2023) Trace Element Behavior at Natural Marine Hydrocarbon Seeps – Preliminary Results and New Insights from Oil Seepage-Derived Authigenic Pyrite
Smrzka D, Lin Z, Monien P, Bach W, Peckmann J & Bohrmann G

(2023) Sedimentary Accumulation of Critical Metals Nearby Hydrothermal Vent Fields and Volcanic Islands
Riedinger N, Haygood L, Shook E, Jones CK, Lichtschlag A, Köster M, Torres ME & Bohrmann G

(2023) Iron Oxides as Trace Metal Carriers Near Hydrothermal Vents: A Potential Indicator for Local Oceanographic Changes
Haygood L, Jones CK, Troxel A, Huck L, Provenza CM, Veresh A, Quan T, Lichtschlag A, Köster M, Torres ME, Bohrmann G & Riedinger N

(2023) Insights into Fluid Sources and Flow Rates from Lithium Isotope Composition of Methane-Seep Carbonates
Miyajima Y, Araoka D, Yoshimura T, Ota Y, Suzuki A, Yoshioka H, Suzumura M, Smrzka D, Peckmann J & Bohrmann G

(2022) Sedimentary Noble Metal Signals as Tracers for Hydrothermal Vent Input
Provenza CM, Jones CK, Haygood L, Torres ME, Bohrmann G & Riedinger N

(2020) Trace Metal Cycling in the Upper Sedimentary Redox Zones in an Ocean Desert
Riedinger N, Jones CK, Köster M, Bohrmann G, Colwell FS & Torres ME

(2020) Authigenic Seep Carbonates of the South China Sea – Archives for Geochemical Cycling and Geodynamic Activity
Tseng Y, Schroeder-Ritzrau A, Lin S, Frank N & Bohrmann G

(2017) Reconstruction of Past Seepage on Vestnesa Ridge off W’Svalbard Using Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonate U-Th Geochronology
Himmler T, Sahy D, Hong W-L, Bohrmann G, Buenz S, Condon D & Lepland A

(2017) Fracture-Induced Fluid Migration in an Arctic Deep Water Pockmark: Porewater Geochemistry from the MEBO Drilling (MSM57) in Vestnesa Ridge (Svalbard)
Hong W-L, Schmidt C, Yao H, Wallmann K, Rae J, Lepland A, Torres M, Plaza-Faverola A, Latour P, Bunz S & Bohrmann G

(2017) Drivers of Iron Cycling in Sediments of the sub-Antarctic Island South Georgia
Kirschenmann E, Henkel S, Mogollón J, Fischer D, Kuhn G, Torres M, Bohrmann G & Kasten S

(2015) Fractionation of 13CH3D during Microbial Methanogenesis
Gruen D, Wang D, Koenneke M, Hinrichs K-U, Stewart L, Topcuoglu B, Holden J, Pape T, Bohrmann G, Hristov A & Ono S

(2013) The Silicon Isotope Record of Early Silica Diagenesis
Tatzel M, von Blanckenburg F, Schuessler J & Bohrmann G

(2013) Precision Maping and Towcam Aided Study over Geochemical Anomalies of the Goodweather Ridge, Southwestern Taiwan
Lin S, Hsu C-W, Hsieh I-J, Chang H-H & Bohrmann G

(2010) U/Th Dating of Cold-Seep Carbonates: Timing and Duration of Fluid Seepage
Feng D, Cheng H, Roberts H, Peckmann J, Bohrmann G & Chen D

(2008) Rare Earth Element of Cold Seep Carbonates: A Comparative Study
Feng D, Chen D, Peckmann J, Bohrmann G & Roberts H

(2007) Microbial Activity Associated with Asphalt Volcanism at the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico
Wegener G, Bowles M, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Schubotz F, Hinrichs KU, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Boetius A

(2007) Biogeochemical Investigation of Asphalt Seepage at the Chapapote Knoll in the Southern Gulf of Mexico
Schubotz F, Wilhelm T, Hohnberg H-J, Kasten S, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Hinrichs K-U

(2005) A Possible CO<->2<$> Sink Through Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicate Minerals
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Drews M, Bohrmann G, Greinert J & Eisenhauer A

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