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All abstracts by Martin Blumenberg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Investigation of Thermogenic Gas Generation by On-Line Open-System pyrolysis-GC-IRMS
Weniger P, Blumenberg M, Schlömer S & Krooß B

(2015) Distribution and Origin of Ground-Water Methane in Lower Saxony, Germany – A Regional Inventory
Schloemer S, Blumenberg M & Elbracht J

(2011) Recent and Fossil Chemosynthetic Endosymbioses
Dreier A, Blumenberg M, Taviani M, Stannek L & Hoppert PDM

(2011) Using TOF-SIMS to Study Biomarkers
Thiel V, Blumenberg M, Heim C, Lausmaa J, Leefmann T, Siljeström S, Reitner J & Sjovall P

(2010) Microbial Ecology of Terrestrial Methane-Emitting Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Reimer A, Wrede C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) First Results of Geo- and Biochemical Analyses of Terrestrial Methane-Emittingen Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Dreier A, Wrede C, Zilla T, Kokoschka S, Heim C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) New Insights from Bacterial Biomarkers into the Oxic/Anoxic Transition of the Holocene Black Sea
Blumenberg M, Seifert R & Michaelis W

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