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All abstracts by H Honda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2003) Evaluation of Nucleogenic Component in Cosmogenic 21Ne Surface Exposure Dating
Fujioka T, Honda M, Chappell J, Fifield K, Fabel D & Nishiizumi K

(2003) Spontaneous Selection of Peptide Groups In Prebiotic Evolution
Honda H, Koyama A, Nemoto A, Kikuchi N, Imai E & Matsuno K

(2003) Fluctuations of Re-Os Isotopic Systematics in Loess-Paleosol Sequences from the Yili Basin, NW China
Honda M, Yabuki S, Suzuki K, Wei Y & Tatsumi Y

(2003) Prebiotic Oligomerization of Amino Acids in Lipid Vesicles in Hydrothermal Environments
Imai E, Furuuchi R, Nemoto A, Hatori K, Honda H & Matsuno K

(2003) Enantiomeric Excess of Amino Acids in Hydrothermal Environments
Nemoto A, Horie M, Imai E, Honda H, Hatori K & Matsuno K

(2003) Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Large Iron Meteorites
Noguchi M, Honda M, Matsuzaki H, Oura Y & Nagai H

(2003) Unusual Noble Gas Compositions in Polycrstalline Diamonds from the Jwaneng Kimberlite, Botswana
Honda M, Phillips D & Harris J

(2003) Silicate Dust Crystallization Around Low-Mass Young Stars
Honda M, Kataza H, Okamoto K, Miyata T, Yamashita T & Sako S

(2003) 20um Spectrosocpy from Large Ground-Based Telescopes: Primary Results and its Potential
Miyata T, Kataza H, Okamoto Y, Sako S, Honda M & Onaka T

(2001) The Origin of Noble Gas Isotopic Heterogeneity in Icelandic Basalts
Dixon ET, Honda M & McDougall I

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