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All abstracts by John Milan Hora in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Deep Crustal Contamination of the Lithospheric Mantle Source to Variscan Ultrapotassic Magmas – Geochemical and Geodynamic Consequences
Janoušek V, Hora J, Erban Kochergina Y, Couzinié S, Magna T & Andronikov A

(2020) Petrogenesis of Variscan Ultrapotassic Plutons, Bohemian Massif: Stable Isotope Evidence
Magna T, Janoušek V, Erban Kochergina Y, Andronikov A, Tabaud AS, Vennemann T & Hora J

(2015) Longevity of Crystal Cargo vs. Transience of Melts in Magma Systems
Hora JM, Schmitt AK, Kronz A & Wörner G

(2014) Effect of Pre-Eruption Storage on Estimates of Magmatic δ18O from Minerals
Hora J, Wörner G, Albrecht N & Pack A

(2013) A Comparison of Geothermometers for Shallow Silicic Magmas
Hora J, Wörner G, Kronz A & Schmitt A

(2011) Rejuvenation of an Old Magmatic System at Parinacota Volcano, Chile
Hora JM, Wörner G, Kronz A, Banaszak M, Singer BS & Johnson CM

(2007) Shallow Crystallization and Deep Magma Storage: Insights from U-Th and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Jicha B, Singer B, Johnson C, Beard B & Hora J

(2002) Magma System Processes Constrained by Mineral-Scale Isotope Variations
Davidson J, Tepley Iii F, Hora J & Knesel K

(2002) The Role of Mixing in the Evolution of Andesites at Ngauruhoe Volcano, New Zealand: Constraints from Analyses of Crystal Growth Zones
Hora JM, Davidson J & Hobden B

(2000) Complex Differentiation Histories Revealed by Short-Term Geochemical and Isotopic Variations between and within Lavas of Ngauruhoe Volcano, New Zealand
Hobden BJ, Hora JM & Davidson JP

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