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All abstracts by Mark Harrison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Popigai Impact and the Eocene/Oligocene Boundary Mass Extinction
Wielicki M, Harrison M & Stockli D

(2014) Crustal Evolution of the Jack Hills Zircon Source and Episodic Loss of Hadean Crust
Bell E, Harrison TM, Kohl I & Young E

(2014) A Petrotectonic Model for Formation of Hadean Zircons
Harrison M & Wielicki M

(2014) Accurate 40Ar/39Ar MDD Thermal Histories of Extraterrestrial Samples
Boehnke P, Heizler M, Harrison M, Lovera O & Warren P

(2014) Origin of the Early Miocene Potassic and Ultrapotassic Rocks in Xungba Basin, Southwestern Tibet
Zhao Z, Liu D, Zhu D-C, Niu Y, Mo X, DePaolo DJ & Harrison TM

(2014) Exhumation of the Eastern Lhasa Block, Southern Tibet, Inferred from Low Temperature Thermochronometry and Thermokinematic Modeling
Tremblay M, Fox M, Schmidt J, Zeitler P, Harrison TM & Shuster D

(2014) Investigating Carbonaceous Materials Preserved in Hadean Zircons
Bell E, Boehnke P, Harrison TM & Steele A

(2013) Sieve Textures in Impact Zircon from Vredefort, South Africa: Implications to Impact Geochronology
Wielicki M & Harrison M

(2012) Zircon as a Probe of Planetary Impact History
Wielicki M, Harrison M, Boehnke P & Abramov O

(2006) Exploring the Hadean Earth
Harrison M

(2006) Further Hf isotope evidence for Hadean continental crust
Harrison M, McCulloch M, Blichert-Toft J, Albarede F, Holden P & Mojzsis S

(2006) The 142Nd record of Hadean zircons
Caro G, Bennett V, Bourdon B, Harrison M & Mojzsis S

(2006) Automated mining of detrital zircons from Jack Hills, Western Australia: Flash geochronology with SHRIMP II.
Holden P, Ireland T, Bruce Z & Harrison M

(2005) Monazite Records of Deformation within the Himalayan Main Central Thrust Shear Zone, NW India
Catlos E, Dubey C, Marston R & Harrison M

(2005) Crystallization Temperatures of Hadean Zircons: Plate Tectonics at 4.35<!s><$>Ga?
Watson B & Harrison M

(2004) Inclusion Mineralogy of Pre-4.0 Ga Zircons from Jack Hills, Western Australia: A Progress Report
Trail D, Mojzsis S & Harrison M

(2003) Geology, Age, and Origin of Akilia Supracrustal Rocks, Greenland
Manning C, Mojzsis S & Harrison M

(2003) Closure Profiles in Thermochronology
Harrison M

(2003) The Mission to Really Early Earth: A Progress Report
Harrison M

(2003) Evidence of Extinct 244Pa in Hadean Zircons
Turner G & Harrison M

(2003) The Oldest Known Sediments on Earth: Implications for Exobiology
Mojzsis S, Harrison M & Manning C

(2002) A Mission to Really Early Earth: When Did the Earth Become Suitable for Habitation?
Harrison M, Mojzsis SJ, Pidgeon RT, Ireland TR, Bennett V & Honda M

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