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All abstracts by Christian J. Bjerrum in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Low and Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide during the Evolution of Aerosols from Land Plants
Bjerrum CJ, Wellman CH, Nelson DM, Pearson A & Beerling DJ

(2023) Imprint of Deccan Volcanism and Changes in Pelagic Carbonate Production Across the Cretaceous – Paleogene Boundary Section of Nye Kløv (N. Denmark)
Thibault N, Møller SD, Adatte T, Bjerrum CJ & Spangenberg JE

(2017) Atmospheric Oxygen Concentrations from Mesoproterozoic Shale Geochemistry and Modelling
Bjerrum CJ & Canfield DE

(2015) Ca and Mg Isotope Stratigraphy of the Trezona C Isotope Excursion – Geochemical Record of the Descent into a Snowball?
Ahm A-S, Bjerrum C, Hoffman P, Macdonald F, Maloof A, Rose C & Higgins J

(2015) Phanerozoic CO2 and O2 Evolution Under Rapid Recycling as Forced by Dynamic Sea-Level and Uplift Changes
Bjerrum CJ

(2014) The Link between the Rise of Land Plants, Cloud-Albedo, and Carbon Cycle Perturbation
Ahm A-SC & Bjerrum CJ

(2013) Paleoredox Chemistry of Cenomanian–Coniacian Black Shales at High Paleolatitudes: Implications for the Extent of Anoxia during OAE2
Lenniger M, Nøhr-Hansen H, Hills LV & Bjerrum CJ

(2013) Large Igneous Province Volcanism, Ocean Anoxia and Marine Mass Extinction
Ruhl M, Bjerrum CJ, Canfield DE, Korte C, Stemmerik L & Frei R

(2011) OAE2 in Marine Sections at High Northern Palaeolatitudes?
Lenniger M, Pedersen GK & Bjerrum CJ

(2011) A Novel Proxy Links CAMP Volcanism with End-Triassic Mass Extinction and Early Jurassic Evolution
Ruhl M, Bjerrum C, Frei R & Korte C

(2011) A Sulfidic Driver for the Late Ordovician Extinction
Hammarlund E, Dahl T, Harper D, Bond D, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2009) Anoxic and Oxic Phototrophic Primary Production during the Precambrian
Honeycutt C, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2006) One dimensional physico-chemical ecological ocean model: potential applications to Proterozoic biogeochemical cycling
Honeycutt C, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2004) From Dissolved Organic Carbon to Marine Snow in the Prokaryote Dominated Precambrian Oceans
Bjerrum C, Canfield D, Kiørboe T & Jackson G

(2002) Vulnerability of the Climate on Earth: Effect of Perturbations in the Insolation Caused by Extra-Terrestrial Impacts or Large Volcanic Eruptions
Bendtsen J & Bjerrum CJ

(2002) Carbon Isotope Model of the Archean: Significance of Deep Ocean Carbonate Precipitation
Bjerrum CJ & Canfield DE

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