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All abstracts by Ilya N. Bindeman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Triple Oxygen Isotope Investigation of Granites Through Time in Comparison with Coeval Shales
Bindeman I, Hofmann A & Palandri J

(2020) Low-δ18O(ol) Controlled by Entrainment of Oceanic Lithosphere into the Iceland Plume Source
Rasmussen MB, Halldórsson SA, Jackson MG, Whitehouse MJ & Bindeman IN

(2020) Ephemeral Magma Chambers in Neoproterozoic Jiuling Composite Batholith in South China: Batholith Assembly by Accretion of Extremely Diverse in 18O Zircons-Saturated Magma Batches
Wang D, Wang X-L, Bindeman IN, Du D-H, Li J-Y & Jiang C-H

(2018) Deciphering the Origins of Chemical and Isotopic Trends at Continental Hotspot Volcanoes with High-Resolution Thermomechenical Modeling
Colon D, Bindeman I & Gerya T

(2018) Origin of Si and O Isotope Heterogeneities in Igneous Zircon
Trail D, Boehnke P, Liu M-C, Savage P, Miller M & Bindeman I

(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Shales Through Time: Rapid Emergence of Subaerial Landmasses at 2.5Ga
Bindeman I, Zakharov D, Greber N, Dauphas N, Retallack G, Hofmann A, Lackey JS & Bekker A

(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Ancient Meteoric Waters and Paleoseawater
Zakharov D, Bindeman I, Tanaka R, Friðleifsson GO & Reed M

(2018) Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation
Hughes E, Blundy J, Brooker R, Imf E, Cartigny P, Botcharnikov R, Balzer R, Bindeman I, Kilgour G & Mader H

(2017) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Enriched Mantle Sources: Resolving the Dehydration Paradox
Dixon J, Bindeman I & Kingsley R

(2017) Birth, Assembly and Decay of a Continental Arc Magmatic System
Schaltegger U, Skopelitis A, Ulianov A, Gerdes A, Fisher CM, Hanchar J, Whitehouse M, Bindeman I & Müntener O

(2015) Lifetime and Dynamics of Large-Volume Upper Crustal Magma Reservoirs: A Zircon Perspective
Wotzlaw J-F, Bindeman IN & Schaltegger U

(2015) Mineral-Scale Magma Generation: Insights from Rhyolite Lavas Prior to Last Yellowstone Supereruption
Troch J, Ellis B, Mark D, Bindeman I, Kent A & Bachmann O

(2015) Crustal Recycling Above an Intracontinental Mantle Plume: Results from the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province
Colon D, Bindeman I & Gerya T

(2015) What Drives Arc Magma Diversity?
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Brandl PA, Espinasa-Perena R, Solari L, Stuart FM, Vannucchi P & Zellmer GF

(2015) Zircon Survival, Rebirth and Recycling during Crustal Melting, Crystallization, and Mixing Based on Numerical Modeling
Bindeman I & Melnik O

(2015) Perfect Mixing in Rhyolites Based on Numerical Experiments and Observations
Simakin A & Bindeman I

(2014) Alteration of Volcaniclastic Deposits; Geochemical Insights on Mineralizing Environment and Climate during the Late Miocene in Antarctica
Panter K, Antibus J, Wilch T, Dunbar N, McIntosh W, Tripati A, Bindeman I & Blusztajn J

(2014) Crustal Recycling by Subduction Erosion in Central Mexico
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Espinasa-Perena R, Stuart FM, Zellmer GF, Ramirez R & Sochko M

(2014) Fe and O Systematics of the Los Colorados IOA Deposit, Chile
Bilenker L, Simon A, Reich M, Lundstrom C & Bindeman I

(2013) Geochemical Variations in the Central Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile (38-43°S): The Role of Fluids in Generating Arc Magmas
Jacques G, Hoernle K, Wehrmann H, Gill J & Bindeman I

(2013) Magmatic Digestion of the Crust and the Origin of Silicic Magmas in Iceland: Insights from Partially Melted Crustal Xenoliths
Gurenko A, Bindeman I & Sigurdsson I

(2013) O and Hf Isotopic Evidence in Zircons for Crustal Recycling in Caldera Complexes and Rifts, Picabo Volcanic Field, Yellowstone Hotspot Track
Drew D, Bindeman I, Watts K, Schmitt AK, Fu B & McCurry M

(2013) Magmas Going Through Icelandic Crustal Filter
Bindeman I, Gurenko A & Sobolev A

(2013) Rhyolites – Hard to Produce, Easy to Recycle: Isotopic Diversity in Zircons as Petrogenetic Tool
Bindeman I, Simakin A, Drew D & Colon D

(2012) Isotopic Insight into Volcanic Sulfate Formation in the Troposphere
Martin E, Bekki S, Ninin C & Bindeman I

(2012) Large-Volume Silicic Magma Genesis at Yellowstone, Heise, and Caetano: Isotope and Geochronology Insights from Three Supervolcanoes in the Western U.S.A
Watts K, Colgan J, John D, Bindeman I, Schmitt A & Henry C

(2012) Formation and Evolution of Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle in Central Siberia
Ionov D, Bindeman I, Doucet L, Ashchepkov I & Golovin A

(2012) Icelandic Zircon: Illuminating Juvenile Silicic Crust Construction
Carley T, Miller C, Padilla A, Wooden J, Bindeman I, Schmitt A, Economos R, Fisher C & Hanchar J

(2012) Veryfast Silicic Magma Genesis in Caldera and Rift Environments Based on Isotope Zoning in Zircons, Experiments, and Thermal Modeling
Bindeman I, Lundstrom C, Axel A, Simakin A, Seligman A & Drew D

(2011) Widespread Synchronous Volcanism on the Snake River Plain
Ellis B, Wolff J, Mark D & Bindeman I

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Experimental Glasses by SIMS: A Calibration Attempt
Pedroza K, Jolis E, Troll V, Freda C, Harris C, Deegan FM, Whitehouse M, Bindeman I, Annersten H & Ellis B

(2011) Arc Magmas from Slab to Eruption: The Case of Kliuchevskoy Volcano
Portnyagin M, Mironov N, Ponomareva V, Bindeman I, Hauff F, Sobolev A, Kayzar T, Garbe-Schönberg D & Hoernle K

(2011) In situ Dating and Investigation of Remarkably Depleted –27.3‰ SMOW “Slushball” Earth Zircons
Bindeman I, Vazquez J, Schmitt A, Eiler J, Serebryakov N & Evans D

(2011) Petrologic Significance of High-Precision Zircon U-Pb Dates from the Skaergaard Intrusive Complex
Wotzlaw J-F, Bindeman IN, Schaltegger U, Brooks CK & Naslund HR

(2011) Tracing Episodic Magma Accretion by Zircon 18O/16O Isotopes and U-Pb Dating in the Adamello Batholith, Italy
Skopelitis A, Bindeman I, Ulianov A, Brack P & Schaltegger U

(2010) Redistribution of Elements and Isotopes in Silicates by Diffusion of Dissolved Water in a T Gradient
Lundstrom C & Bindeman I

(2010) The Limits of Hydrosphere-Lithosphere Interaction: The Origin of the Lowest-Known δ18O Silicate Rock on Earth
Bindeman I, Schmitt A & Evans D

(2010) Multi-Isotopes (17O, 18O, 34S) Study of Volcanic Sulfate from Modern Tropospheric Eruptions
Martin E & Bindeman I

(2009) The Mantle Sources of Continental Flood Basalts from Oxygen Isotope Composition of Primitive Olivine Phenocrysts
Bindeman I & Kamenetsky V

(2009) Hydrogen Isotope Analyses of Hydrous Glasses by TC/EA System
Martin E, Bindeman I, Palandri J & Johnston D

(2008) Detailed “Supervolcanic” Ash Record in Dry Lake Tecopa, California: δ34S, δ18O and Δ17O of Soluble Volcanic Sulfate
Martin E & Bindeman I

(2008) Experimental Calibration of Zircon-Quartz Oxygen Isotope Fractionation
Trail D, Bindeman I & Watson EB

(2008) Assessing Parent Magma Compositions and H2O Contents in the Central Oregon Cascades
Ruscitto D, Wallace P, Kent A & Bindeman I

(2007) Oxygen Isotope Heterogeneity and Disequilibria of Olivine Phenocrysts in Large Volume Basalts: Case of Iceland
Bindeman I, Gurenko A, Sigmarsson O & Chaussidon M

(2006) Boron and oxygen isotopic evidence for recycling of subducted components through the Earth’s mantle since 2.5 Ga
Turner S, Tonarini S, Bindeman I, Leeman W & Schaefer B

(2005) Oxygen-17 Excesses in Products of Stratospheric Volcanic Eruptions and Depletion of the Ozone Layer
Bindeman I, Eiler J & Sarna-Wojcicki A

(2005) The Isotopic Composition of Subduction Fluid: High-, Low-, or Normal d<+>18<$>O?
Bindeman I, Turner S, Eiler J & Portnyagin M

(2004) Mineral Diffusive and 226Ra/230Th Timescales for the Genesis of Icelandic Basalts: Laki and the Grimsvötn Magma System
Bindeman I, Sigmarsson O, Eiler J & Wang Z

(2002) Oxygen Isotope and U-Pb Insights into Dynamics and Longevity of Large Silicic Magma Systems
Bindeman IN & Valley JW

(2002) The Impact of Last Glaciation on Volcanism in n. Pacific Arcs
Ponomareva V, Bindeman I, Fournelle J & Valley J

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