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All abstracts by Jennifer F. Biddle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Integrated Geochemical and Microbiological Study of Wilcox Oils and Gases of Northern Louisiana
Lawson M, Formolo M, Skinner B, Summers Z, Biddle J, Kitchen N, Thiagarajan N, Xie H & Eiler J

(2014) Microorganismal Distribution in the Iberian Margin Deep Biosphere
Russell J, Orsi W, Edgcomb V & Biddle J

(2014) Nucleic Acid Insights into Present and Past Microbial Activities in Subseafloor Sediment
Orsi W, Biddle J, Edgcomb V & Coolen M

(2014) Deep Microbialites from Pavilion Lake, British Columbia, Viewed Through Metagenomics
Russell J, Christman G & Biddle J

(2013) Gene Expression in the Deep Biosphere
Orsi W, Edgcomb V, Christmann G & Biddle J

(2010) Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Cool, Warm, and Hot Guaymas Basin Hydrothermal Sediments
Biddle J, Cardman Z, Mendlovitz H, Albert D, Lloyd K, Boetius A & Teske A

(2009) Microbial Community Stratification in TOC-Depleted Marine Subsurface Sediments of the Pacific Ocean
Durbin A, Biddle J, Martino A, House C, Fischer J, Spivack A, Schrum H, D'Hondt S & Teske A

(2009) Stable Carbon Isotope Probing of Intact Polar Lipids from Benthic Archaea in Marine Subsurface Sediment
Lin Y-S, Biddle JF, Lipp JS, Holler T, Teske A & Hinrichs K-U

(2008) A Genetic View of Diversity beneath the Seafloor
Biddle J & Teske A

(2007) Metagenomics of Deeply Buried Marine Sediments
Biddle J, House C, Fitz-Gibbon S, Schuster S & Brenchley J

(2005) Carbon Isotopic Characterization of Archaea Inhabiting Deeply Buried Sulfate/methane Transition Zones
Biddle J, Lipp J, Sturt H, Anderson R, Elvert M, Kelly T, Brenchley J, Hinrichs K & House C

(2005) Cultivation of Deeply Buried Microbes Shows Influence of Geochemistry
Biddle J, House C & Brenchley J

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