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All abstracts by Rajneesh Bhutani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Seawater Alteration of Central Indian Ocean Ridge Basalts: Geochemical and Isotopic Evidences
Reddy RD, Iyer SD, Balakrishnan S & Bhutani R

(2020) Crustal Reworking in the Archaean: Geochemical Evidences from Granitoid of the Western Dharwar Craton
Sebastian S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

(2020) Depositional Environments of Neoarchean Carbonates from the Dharwar Craton, India: Constraints from Geochemical and Isotopic Studies
Govind A V, Behera K, Balakrishnan S, Dash JK, Bhutani R, Managave S & Srinivasan R

(2020) Redox Conditions and Carbon Cycling of Mesoproterozoic Ocean: Clues from Trace Element and C-O-Sr Isotope Geochemistry of Carbonate Rocks of the Bhima Group, Eastern Dharwar Craton, India
Augustine S, Absar N, Managave S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

(2017) Deciphering Redox Conditions, Solute Sources and Carbon Cycling of Mesoproterozoic Ocean from Trace Element, REE, C, O, Sr and Nd Isotope Proxies of Carbonate Rocks
Augustine S, Absar N, Managave S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

(2017) Subduction Zone Influence in Manipur Ophiolite Complex, Indo-Myanmar Range: Constraints from 143Nd/144Nd and Elemental Concentrations
Kingson O, Bhutani R, Dash JK, Srinivasan B, Pandit D & Rao NVC

(2016) Petrogenesis of Serpentinized Peridotites from the Manipur Ophiolite Complex, Indo-Myanmar Orogenic Belt, NE India: Constraints from Nd Isotopic Ratios and Trace Elemental Abundances
Oinam K, Bhutani R & Srinivasan B

(2011) Sr-Nd Isotopic Studies of Narcondam Volcanics, India: Constraints on Andaman-Indonesian Arc Magmatism
Bhutani R, Smitha RS, Ray J, Sheth H, Srinivasan B, Kumar A & Awasthi N

(2011) 146,147Sm-142,143Nd Studies of Komatiites from Western Dharwar Craton, India: Implications for Depleted Mantle Evolution in Early Archean
Maya JM, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

(2010) Sr Isotope Geochemical Studies on Rivers of South India: Evidence for High CO2 Consumption Rates on Chemical Weathering of Silicates
Pattanaik JK, Balakrishnan S, Bhutani R & Singh P

(2009) Geochemistry and Sr-Nd Isotope Studies of Proterozoic Basic Dykes, Southern Granulite Terrain, India
Dash JK, Balakrishnan S & Bhutani R

(2007) Sm-Nd Isochron Ages from Southern Granulite Terrain, South India: Age of Protolith and Metamorphism
Bhutani R, Balakrishnan S, Nevin CG & Jeyabal S

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