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All abstracts by Yerraguntla Jyothi Bhaskar Rao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Fe and S Isotope Compositions of Hydrothermal Sulfides from the Northern Lau Basin
Sreenivas B, Ray D, Paropkari AL, Mazumdar A, Vijaya Gopal B, Surya Prakash L, Balu G & Bhaskar Rao YJ

(2011) Estimation of Mass Discrimination in MC-ICP-MS Nd Isotope Analysis Using Generalized Power Law
Vijaya Gopal B, Bulusu S & Bhaskar Rao YJ

(2010) Fe Isotope Compositions of Manganese Nodules of Central Indian Basin
Sreenivas B, Nagender Nath B, Vineesh PC, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Vijaya Gopal B & Babu EVSSK

(2010) Sr-Nd Isotopic Variations in the Central Indian Basin Surface Sediments
Sukumaran NP, Pattan JN, Parthiban G & Bhaskar Rao YJ

(2010) Geochemistry and Nd Isotopic Systematics of ~ 3.3 Ga Banasandra Spinifex-Textured, Ultramafic Komatiites, Western Dharwar Craton, Southern India: Constraints on Mantle Sources and Melting
Bhaskar Rao YJ, Babu EVSSK & Vijaya Kumar T

(2009) Role of Deep Crustal Contamination in the Genesis of Perinthatta Anorthosite Massif, South India
Vijaya Kumar T, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Tomson JK, Choudhary AK & Kumar A

(2009) Fe Isotope Compositions of 1.85 Ga Flin Flon Paleosol, Canada
Sreenivas B, Murakami T, Bhaskar Rao YJ & Vijaya Gopal B

(2009) Mantle Xenoliths from the Kodamali Kimberlite Pipe, Bastar Craton, Central India: Evidence for Decompression Melting and Crustal Contamination in the Mantle Source
Babu EVSSK, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Mainkar D, Pashine JK & Rao SR

(2008) Geochemistry and Sr-Nd Isotopic Systematics of Archaean and Neoproterozoic Charnockites from the Southern Granulite Terrain, South India: Magma Genesis and Tectonics
Tomson JK, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Vijaya Kumar T & Choudhary AK

(2008) A Mesoproterozoic Sm-Nd Age for the Oddanchatram Anorthosite Massif, South India, Evidence for Ancient Crustal Contamination and Significance to the Regional Terrane Assembly
Vijaya Kumar T, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Kallukalam TJ & Choudhary AK

(2008) An Outline of Juvenile Crust Formation and Recycling History in the Archaean Western Dharwar Craton, from Zircon in situ U-Pb Dating and Hf-Isotopic Compositions
Bhaskar Rao YJ, Griffin WL, Ketchum J, Pearson NJ, Beyer E & O'Reilly SY

(2008) Rb-Sr Dating of Mylonites along Major Intra-Cratonic and Craton Margin Shear Systems of the Precambrian Dharwar Craton, Southern India and Tectonic Implications
Krishna KV, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Vijaya Kumar T & Choudhary AK

(2002) Significance of Deep-Crustal Shear Zones in the Southern Granulite Terrain, S. India: New Nd Model Ages of Charnockites
Bhaskar Rao Y, Vijaya Kumar T, Anirudh Mohan D & Janardhan A

(2002) P-T-T History of Granulites from the Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica
Ravikant V, Bhaskar Rao YJ & Gopalan K

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