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All abstracts by Damien Faivre in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Establishing Trace and Minor Element Incorporation into Magnetite as a Tool for the Identification of Fossil Magnetotactic Bacteria
Amor M, Mosselmans JFW, Scoppola E, Li C, Faivre D & Chevrier DM

(2022) General Features of Metal Sulfide Biomineralization and Latest Findings About Microbial Copper Sulfide Biomineralization
Park Y, Eyal Z, Pekker P, Chevrier DM, Lefèvre CT, Arnoux P, Armengaud J, Monteil CL, Gal A, Pósfai M & Faivre D

(2017) From Banded Iron Formation to Iron Ore – Tiny Crystals Building Huge Iron Ore Deposits
Egglseder M, Cruden A & Faivre D

(2015) Imaging Intracellular Calcium Accumulation in Coccolithophores Using Cryo-X-Ray Tomography
Gal A, Faivre D & Scheffel A

(2014) Magnetite Formation in Solution and Magnetotactic Bacteria
Baumgartner J, Dey A, Bomans P, Le Coadou C, Sommerdijk N, Fratzl P, Morin G, Menguy N, Perez Gonzalez T, Widdrat M, Cosmidis J & Faivre D

(2002) Significance of Oxygen Isotopic Signature in Magnetite [Fe3O4] Under Earth Surface Conditions: Preliminary Results
Faivre D, Zuddas P, Agrinier P, Guyot F & Menguy N

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