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All abstracts by M Frank in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Changes in ocean chemistry across the K/T boundary: A laser-ablation study of a marine Fe/Mn crust
Frank M, Hattendorf B, Guenther D & Hein JR

(2006) Cenozoic Nedoymium Isotope Evolution of Arctic Ocean Deep Water
Haley BA, Frank M, Moran K & Backman J

(2006) Arctic Ocean Nd isotope compositions, water mass distributions, and freshwater inputs
Porcelli D, Andersson P, Frank M & Baskaran M

(2006) The Nd isotopic composition in the Barents Sea, Nansen Basin and Fram Strait: Water mass exchange between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Frank M & Bjork G

(2006) High-resolution records of 10Be production rates during the Iceland Basin excursion
Knudsen MF, Henderson GM, Frank M, Mac Niocaill C & Kubik P

(2006) Timing and magma evolution in Medet Cu-porphyry deposit, SE Europe: controversial or coinciding isotope data?
Peytcheva I, Von Quadt A, Nedyalkov R, Heinrich C & Frank M

(2005) The Active Margin of Gondwana in Peru – Isotopic and Geochronologic Constraints
Schaltegger U, Chew D, Miskovic A, Fontignie D & Frank M

(2004) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interaction during Karakoram-Kohistan Accretion (NW Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Heuberger S, Frank M, Fontignie D, Sergeev S & Burg J

(2004) Submarine Hydrothermal Trace Metal Input into the Ocean Through Island Arc Volcanism in the Lesser Antilles
Georg B, Frank M, Marbler H, Koschinsky A, Van de Flierdt T, Bolz V, Kubik P & Halbach P

(2004) The Subcontinental Lithosphere beneath Central Srednogorie (Bulgaria): U-Pb and Hf-Zircon, Nd and Sr Whole Rock Constraints
Peytcheva I, Von quadt A, Frank M, Kamenov B & Heinrich C

(2004) Subduction Related Rocks in Medet Cu-Porphyry Deposit: Sources and Magma Evolution
von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Frank M, Nedialkov R, Kamenov B & Heinrich C

(2001) Chlorine and Iron in Magnetite-Melt-Volatile Systems
Simon AC, Candela PA, Piccoli PM & Frank M

(2000) Formation of Juvenile Island Arc Crust Through Melting of Sub-Arc Mantle: Precise U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes from a Fossil Crust-Mantle Transition in the Kohistan Complex (Northern Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Zeilinger G, Frank M & Burg J

(2000) Evidence for Stronger Thermohaline Circulation Prior to Northern Hemisphere Glaciation from Nd and Pb Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts
Frank M, Whiteley N, Kasten S, Hein JR & O'Nions RK

(2000) Quantitative Modeling of Magmatic Volatile Phase Exsolution
Candela P, Frank M & Piccoli P

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