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All abstracts by Tezer Esat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Ice Sheet Surge and 25 M Rapid Sea Level Rise at YD 13, 000 Years ago
Esat T, Thomas A, Yokoyama Y, Webster J, Braga J, Humblet M, Potts D, Iryu Y, Thompson B, Fallon S & Hinestrosa G

(2013) A Second Rapid Sea-Level Fluctuation during Termination II at Barbados
Esat T & Bekaroglu E

(2003) Large Sea-Level Excursions during the Marine Isotope Stages 4 and 3 Obtained from Huon Peninsula Uplifted Coral Terraces
Yokoyama Y, Esat T, McCulloch M, Mortimer G, Chappell J & Lambeck K

(2002) Rapid Sea-Level, Ice Volume and Radiocarbon Excursions during a Heinrich Event at Huon Peninsula
Esat T

(2002) Isotopic Composition of Uranium Standards and Sea-Water Determined Using Finnigan Neptune Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Kinsley L, Graham M, Esat T & McCulloch M

(2002) High Precision 234U – 230Th Dating Using MC-ICPMS
Mortimer G, McCulloch M, Kinsley L & Esat T

(2002) Strategies for the Determination of the Isotopic Composition of Natural Uranium
Bernal JP, McCulloch M, Mortimer G & Esat T

(2000) Northern Hemisphere Insolation Forcing of the 330, 000 Year Sea-Level Highstand?
Stirling C, Esat T, Lambeck K, McCulloch M, Blake S, Lee D & Halliday A

(2000) Last Ice Age Millennial Scale Climate Changes Recorded in Huon Peninsula Corals
Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Lambeck K & Fifield K

(2000) Correlated Uranium and Sea-Level Fluctuations in Late Quaternary Oceans
Esat T & Yokoyama Y

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