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All abstracts by Natalia Dubrovinskaia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Effect of Composition on Compressibility of skiagite-Fe-Majorite Garnet
Ismailova L, Bykov M, Bykova E, Bobrov A, Dubrovinskaia N, McCammon C & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Exploring Silicate Thermodynamics and Conductivity at Extreme Conditions with Laser-Driven Dynamic Compression
Millot M, Fratanduono D, Dubrovinskaia N, Cernok A, Blaha S, Dubrovinsky L, Celliers P, Collins G, Hamel S, Kraus R, Spaulding D, Jeanloz R & Eggert J

(2016) Stability of Fe, Al-Bearing Bridgmanite in the Lower Mantle and Synthesis of Pure Iron Bridgmanite
Ismailova L, Bykova E, Bykov M, Cerantola V, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Bobrov A, Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L

(2015) Equation of State of Skiagite-Majorite Garnet up to 100 GPa
Ismailova L, Bobrov A, Bykov M, Bykova E, Cerantola V, Kupenko I, McCammon C, Hanfland M, Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L

(2014) Synthesis of Single Crystals of Iron Garnet Skiagite and its High-Pressure XANES Investigation
Ismailova L, Dubrovinsky L, Dubrovinskaia N, Bobrov A, Kantor I & Cerantola V

(2002) Fe-O System at Extreme Conditions
Dubrovinsky L, Dubrovinskaia N, Rozenberg G, Dmitriev V & Weber H-P

(2002) High-Temperature Heater for Diamond-Anvil Cells
Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L

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