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All abstracts by Tadej Dolenec in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mobility of Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in Makirina Bay Sediments and their Accumulation in Codium Bursa (N Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia)
Komar D, Dolenec M, Lambaša Belak Ž, Lojen S, Vrhovnik P, Dolenec T & Rogan Šmuc N

(2009) Assessment of the Heavy Metal Contamination in Surficial Sediments from Kalimanci Lake (Macedonia)
Rogan N, Dolenec T, Serafimovski T, Tasev G & Dolenec M

(2002) The Isotopic Composition of Sulfates in Rivers the Ljubljanica and the Sava in Slovenia
Vokal B, Szaran J, Trembaczowski A & Dolenec T

(2002) Some Genetic Characteristics of Pegmatite Veins from the Pohorje Mountains (Slovenia)
Vrabec M & Dolenec T

(2002) Amphibole Mineral Chemistry of Rocks of Karavanke Granitic Massif
Dobnikar M, Fioretti AM, Bellieni G & Dolenec T

(2002) Petrology of Tourmaline-Rich Pegmatites from the Ravne District (Slovenia)
Souvent P, Fioretti AM, Bellieni G & Dolenec T

(2002) Correlation between Morphology and Isotopic Composition of Oxygen and Carbon of Calcite from Mežica Mines, Slovenia
Jersek M, Dolenec T, Vokal B, Mirtic B, Zebec V & Bermanec V

(2002) Morphological Characteristics of Fluorite Crystals from Mežica Mines in Northern Slovenia
Mirtic B, Jeršek M, Resnik A, Dolenec T & Krivograd F

(2002) Nitrogen 15 Signals of Antropogenic Nutrient Loading in Anemonia Sulcata from the Adriatic Sea
Dolenec T & Vokal B

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