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All abstracts by Gilles Chazot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Mantle Metasomatism Influence on Water Contents in Continental Lithosphere: New Constraints from Garnet Pyroxenite Xenoliths (France & Cameroon Volcanic Provinces)
Azevedo-Vannson S, France L, Ingrin J & Chazot G

(2019) Behaviour of Metals in Slab-Decoupled Magmas. Example of the Fatu-Kapa Hydrothermal Fields (SW Pacific)
Jeanvoine A, Chazot G, Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Bézos A, Guivel C & Langlade J

(2017) The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface
Mollex G, France L, Füri E, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Zimmermann L, Wilke S, Deloule E, Chazot G, Kazimoto E, Marty B & Burnard P

(2013) Metamorphic and Magmatic Overprint of Garnet Pyroxenites from the Beni Bousera Massif (Northern Morocco): Mineralogical, Chemical and Textural Records
El Atrassi F, Brunet F, Chazot G & Chopin C

(2011) Origin of the Seamounts Near Futuna Island, SW Pacific
Labanieh S, Chazot G, Etoubleau J, Fouquet Y, Dosso L & Hemond C

(2006) Mg- and Fe-rich wehrlites: products of progressive melt/peridotite reaction?
Vannucci R, Raffone N, Chazot G, Pin C & Zanetti A

(2003) Minor Elements, HREE and δ18O Distribution in UHPGarnets from the Dora-Maira Massif (Western Alps): Evidence for Gneiss and Mg-Quartzite Interaction at UHP?
Brunet F, Chazot G, Burchard M, Vielzeuf D & Chopin C

(2003) New Data on Mantle Metasomatism beneath the Devès, France
Touron S, O’Reilly S, Renac C, Chazot G & Cottin J

(2002) High-K Magmas from the French Massif Central: Crust-Mantle Interaction during the Hercynian Orogeny
Arnaud N, Agranier A, Chazot G, Pin C, Poidevin J-L & Blichert Toft J

(2002) Extension of the Afar Plume Material: He Isotope Constraints
Yokochi R, Pik R, Marty B & Chazot G

(2002) Immiscible Dolomitic Carbonatitic and Trachytic Magmas and the First Occurrence of Carbonatites in the French Massif Central
Chazot G, Bertrand H, Mergoil J & Sheppard S

(2002) The Composition of Mid Atlas Lithospheric Mantle
Raffone N, Zanetti A, Chazot G, Pin C & Vannucci R

(2001) Geochemistry of Mantle Xenoliths from Ibalrhatene (Mid Atlas, Morocco): Insights into the Lithospheric Mantle Evolution during Continental Rifting
Raffone N, Zanetti A, Chazot G, Deniel C & Vannucci R

(2001) Rutile/Mineral and Rutile/Liquid Partition Coefficients for HFSE, REE and Actinides: Results from Natural Eclogites and Partial Melting Experiments
Dardon A, Schmidt MW, Chazot G, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

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