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All abstracts by Pascale Bénézeth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Isotope Exchange between Carbonate Minerals and Fluids at Equilibrium and during Mineral Phase Transformations at Earth's Surface Temperatures
Harrison A, Oelkers EH, Schott J, Bénézeth P & Mavromatis V

(2021) Insights on the Carbon Mineralization Potential of Alteration Minerals
Marieni C, Voigt M, Saldi G, Bénézeth P & Oelkers EH

(2021) Mechanisms Controlling the Mg Isotope Composition of Hydromagnesite-Magnesite Playas Near Atlin, British Columbia, Canada
Mavromatis V, Power IM, Harrison A, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Bénézeth P

(2021) Exploring Reaction Pathways for Efficient Carbonatization and Control of Trace-Metal Mobility in Ultramafic Rocks
Saldi G, Marieni C & Bénézeth P

(2020) Reproducing the Formation of Stromatolites in a Si-Rich Environment
Lamérand C, Petit M, Shirokova LS, Bénézeth P, Rols J-L & Pokrovsky OS

(2020) Biomineralization of Hydrous Mg Carbonates and Silicates
Lamérand C, Shirokova LS, Bénézeth P, Rols J-L & Pokrovsky OS

(2019) Olivine Dissolution and Hydrous Mg Carbonate and Silicate Precipitation in Presence of a Microbial Consortium
Lamérand C, Shirokova L, Bénézeth P, Rols J-L & Pokrovsky O

(2017) A Review of Carbonate Minerals Solubility and Thermodynamic Properties
Benezeth P

(2016) Magnesium Carbonate Bearing Minerals –Macroscopic to Nano Scale Experimental Data and Observations
Bénézeth P, Gautier Q, Berninger N, Roncal-Herrero T, Kröger R, Alloyeau D, Mavromatis V, Purgstaller B & Schott J

(2014) Mechanistic Insights into the Water-Film Threshold for Silicate Carbonation in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Benezeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Felmy A & Rosso K

(2013) IR Specroscopic and Quantum Chemical Study of Metal Bicarbonate and Carbonate Intereaction in Aqeuous Solutions
Stefansson A, Lemke K, Bénézeth P & Schott J

(2013) In-situ IR Spectroscopic Study of Forsterite Carbonation in wet-scCO2
Bénézeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Pearce C, Felmy A, Bonneville A, Rosso K & Loring J

(2013) Solubility of Nickel Ferrite (NiFe<sub>2</sub>O4) from 100 to 200℃
Bellefleur A, Bachet M, Bénézeth P & Schott J

(2012) Towards a Consistent Quantitative Description of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Rates
Schott J, Oelkers E, Benezeth P, Gautier Q, Pokrovsky O, Jordan G & Saldi G

(2011) Magnesite Growth Inhibition by Organic Ligands: Complexation and Adsorption
Gautier Q, Bénézeth P, Jordan G, Berninger U-N & Schott J

(2011) The Stability and Structure of Mg2+ Bicarbonate and Carbonate Ion Pairs – An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Stefansson A, Lemke K, Benezeth P & Schott J

(2011) Dissolution Rate of Bunsenite (NiO) in Acid Solutions to 130℃
Bellefleur A, Bachet M, Bénézeth P & Schott J

(2010) Does the Presence of Bacteria Affect Basaltic Glass Dissolution Rates? 2: Live Pseudomonas reactants
Stockmann GJ, Shirokova LS, Pokrovsky OS, Oelkers EH & Benezeth P

(2010) Experimental Studies on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Fluid-Mineral Interactions: Applications to Hydrothermal Systems and Geological CO2 Sequestration
Bénézeth P, Palmer D, Wesolowski D, Schott J & Dandurand J-L

(2010) Effect of Heterotrophic Bacteria (Pseudomonas reactants) on Olivine Dissolution Kinetics in the Context of CO2 Storage in Basalts
Shirokova L, Pokrovsky O, Benezeth P, Gerard E, Menez B & Alfredsson H

(2009) Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Presence of Phototrophic Anaerobic Bacteria Rhodovulum sp
Bundeleva I, Shirokova L, Bénézeth P, Pokrovsky O & Kompantseva EI

(2009) Effect of Heterotrophic Bacteria Extracted from Icelandic Groundwater on Ca Silicate Dissolution
Shirokova L, Benezeth P & Pokrovsky O

(2009) Effects of Organic Ligands on Magnesite Precipitation Rates
Gautier Q, Saldi G, Bénézeth P, Oelkers E & Schott J

(2009) Siderite, Magnesite and Dolomite Solubility Products as a Function of Temperature
Bénézeth P, Saldi G, Schott J & Dandurand J-L

(2001) Solubility and Surface Adsorption Characteristics of Metal Oxides to High Temperature
Wesolowski DJ, Machesky ML, Ziemniak SE, Xiao C, Palmer DA, Anovitz LM & Bénézeth P

(2001) Aqueous Aluminum Chemistry: Impact on Energy Production and Consumption
Palmer DA, Bénézeth P, Wesolowski DJ & Holmes HF

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