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All abstracts by Michael L Bender in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Harry Elderfield: A Brief Scientific Biography
Bender M

(2017) 2.7-Million-Year-Old Ice from Allan Hills Blue Ice Areas, East Antarctica Reveals Climate Snapshots Since Early Pleistocene
Yan Y, Ng J, Higgins J, Kurbatov A, Clifford H, Spaulding N, Severinghaus J, Brook E, Mayewski P & Bender M

(2015) Annual Net Community Production in the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre
Bender M & Jonsson B

(2015) The Remarkable Stability of Atmospheric O2/N2 Since the Mid Pleistocene
Higgins J, Yan Y, Stolper D & Bender M

(2014) Reconstructing Terrestrial Environments Using Oxygen Isotopes in Biogenic Apatite: A Modern Case Study from Mpala and Tsavo, Kenya
Dennis KJ, Caylor KK, Soderberg K, Li S, Levin NE, Cerling T & Bender M

(2014) Recovering Primary Geochemistry from Ancient Aragonitic Fossil Corals
Gothmann A, Stolarski J, Adkins J, Dennis K, Schrag D & Bender M

(2012) Fossil Corals as an Archive of Phanerozoic Seawater Chemistry
O'Leary A, Bender M, Stolarski J, Adkins J, Dennis K & Schrag D

(2011) On the Radiogenic 40Ca Anomaly in Seawater and Limestone
Bender M & Higgins J

(2009) Aerobic Respiration and Hypoxia in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary: Constraints on Oxygen Sink Partitioning from Stable Isotope Ratios of Dissolved Oxygen
Lehmann MF, Barnett B, Bender ML, Gelinas Y, Gilbert D, Maranger R, Mucci A, Sundby B & Thibodeau B

(2009) Triple Isotopic Signature of Oxygen in the Equatorial Pacific
Stanley R & Bender M

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