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All abstracts by Dalila Ben Othman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2007) Zn Isotopes in Chondritic Components
Luck J-M, Ben othman D, Zanda B & Albarede F

(2006) Cu-Zn isotopic variations in the Earth’s mantle
Ben Othman D, Luck JM, Bodinier JL, Arndt NT & Albarede F

(2006) Zn-Cu isotopes in chondritic components
Luck JM, Ben Othman D, Zanda B & Albarede F

(2006) Sr, Pb, Cu and Zn isotope variations in deep-sea sediments from Southern Okinawa Trough over the last 35ka
Bentahila Y, Luck J-M & Ben Othman D

(2005) Erosion on Taiwan: Trace Element and (Sr, Pb, Zn) Isotopic Constraints on Marine Sediment Provenance
Bentahila Y, Luck J, Ben Othman D & Lallemand S

(2004) Cu-Zn Isotope Fractionation in Recent Mantle (MORB, OIB, Peridotites, Lherzolites), and Comparison with the Early Archean
Ben Othman D, Luck J & Albarede F

(2004) Erosion on Taiwan: Major, Trace Elements and (Sr, Pb, Zn) Isotopic Approach
Bentahila Y, Luck J, Ben Othman D & Lallemand S

(2004) Zinc Isotopic Variations in Chondrites (WR, CAI...): Early Nebular Processes or Metamorphism ?
Luck J, Ben Othman D & Albarede F

(2002) What do Cu-Zn Isotopes Tell us on Meteorites ?
Luck J-M, Ben Othman D & Albarede F

(2001) Cu and Zn Isotopes in Carbonaceous Chondrites and Iron Meteorites
Luck JM, Ben Othman D, Albarède F & Barrat JA

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