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All abstracts by Thilo Behrends in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A Sequential Extraction Procedure for Manganese and its Application to Marine Sediments
Lenstra WK, Behrends T, Klomp R, Molema F & Slomp CP

(2021) Processes Controlling the Flux of Legacy Phosphorus to Surface Waters at the Farm Scale
Barcala V, Rozemeijer J, Osté L, Van Der Grift B, Gerner L & Behrends T

(2021) The Environmental Fate of Phosphorus Locked Away in Iron Minerals
Kraal P, van Genuchten C & Behrends T

(2021) The P-Trap Project: Tackling the Diffuse Phosphorus Input to Surface Waters
Behrends T, Peiffer S & Walter S

(2021) Sedimentary P and Fe Dynamics in a Eutrophic Peat Lake after Fe-Amendment
Münch M, van Kaam R, As K, Peiffer S, ter Heerdt G, Slomp CP & Behrends T

(2021) Phosphate Release Upon Sulfide-Induced Transformation of Phosphate-Containing Iron Oxides: Kinetics and Mechanism
Ma M, Voegelin A & Behrends T

(2021) Vivianite Precipitation Induced by Dissolution of FeS in the Presence of Dissolved Phosphate
Overvest P, Ma M & Behrends T

(2021) Assessing the Potential of Iron-Containing Byproducts from Water Purification in the Prevention of Phosphorus Release from Lake Sediments
As KS, Münch M, Behrends T & Peiffer S

(2021) Phosphorus Concentration/Discharge Hysteresis Patterns during Storm Events in Streams Entering a Eutrophic Lake
Liu X, Trommer G, Behrends T & Peiffer S

(2019) Fate of Sorbed Arsenic during Aging and Transformation of Green Rust
van Genuchten CM, Behrends T, Stipp SLS & Dideriksen K

(2019) Phosphorus Sequestration in Sediments Populated by Cable Bacteria in the Seasonally Hypoxic Gulf of Finland
Hermans M, Astudillo Pascual M, Behrends T, Lenstra WK, Conley DJ & Slomp CP

(2018) Impact of Cable Bacteria on the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Sediment
Hermans M, Behrends T, Risgaard-Petersen N, Meysman FJR & Slomp CP

(2018) Effect of Oxidizing or Reducing Boom Clay on its Interactions with Uranium
Hoving A, van Erk M, Maes N, Bruggeman C & Behrends T

(2018) Redox and Sorption Behaviour of Arsenic during Co-precipitation with Fe(II, III) (Hydr)oxides
van Genuchten C, Behrends T, Stipp S & Dideriksen K

(2017) Controls on the Formation of Fe(II, III) (Hydr)oxides Generated by Fe(0) Electrolysis
van Genuchten C, Kraal P, Behrends T, Stipp S & Dideriksen K

(2017) The Shelf-To-Basin Iron Shuttle in the Black Sea Revisited
Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Witbaard R, Kraal P, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Teaca A, Behrends T, Dijkstra N & Slomp C

(2016) Iron Mineral Transformations in Clay-Rich Sediments Accompanying the Progression of an Oxidation Front
Morera Chavarria A, Dekkers MJ, Roetert Steenbruggen KV, Hoving AL, Spassov S, Griffioen J & Behrends T

(2016) How do Redox Alterations of Boom Clay Change its Interactions with Selenite?
Hoving A, Behrends T, Bruggeman C, Maes N & Banerjee D

(2016) Cable Bacteria Impact Sediment Iron and Manganese Dynamics in a Seasonally-Hypoxic Marine Lake
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Behrends T, Banerjee D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2015) Determining Redox Capacaties of Boom Clay Material by Using an Electrochemical Approach
Hoving A, Behrends T, Sander M, Maes N & Bruggeman C

(2015) Fe(II) Oxidation Kinetics and Fe Hydroxyphosphate Precipitation Upon Aeration of Anaerobic (Ground)water
van der Grift B, Behrends T, Osté L & Griffioen J

(2015) Hydrological and Geochemical Controls on Fe Dynamics in a Supratidal/Intertidal Zone
Morera Chavarría A, Griffioen J, Chueca García I, Faneca Sánchez M & Behrends T

(2015) Phosphorus Dynamics in Coastal Marine Sediments: New Insights in the Role of Fe-P Phases
Slomp C, Egger M, Dijkstra N, Jilbert T, Behrends T, Reed D & Kraal P

(2015) Interaction of Selenite with Separated Boom Clay Fractions – Adsorption vs. Reduction
Hoving A, Münch M, Bruggeman C, Maes N, Banerjee D & Behrends T

(2014) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of an Artificially Fertilized Boreal Lake
O'Connell DW, Ansems N, Orihel D, Wiklund J, Behrends T, Chessel H, Schlinder D & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of a Eutrophied Lake: Role of Organic Phosphorus
Ansems N, O'Connell D, Wiklund J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Release of Solid-Bound Phosphate during the Sulfidization of Lepidocrocite
van Riel KPGL, Behrends T, Bush RT & Burton ED

(2011) Combined WAXS/XAFS Measurements for Studying the Reaction of S(-II) with Lepidocrocite
Behrends T, Hellige K, Silveira M & Peiffer S

(2010) Manganese Carbonates Formation during Long-Term Sorption of Mn2+ by Viable Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T, Avramut C & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Interrelation between Biotic and Abiotic Mn(II) Oxdation
Behrends T, Shaw S & Benning LG

(2009) Kinetics of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidation by Leptothrix cholodnii
Vollrath S, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Reaction of U(VI) with Iron Sulfides
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Scattering Studies of Mineral Reactions in Complex Geochemical Systems
Shaw S, Ahmed IAM, Benning LG, Kakonyi G & Behrends T

(2008) Bacterial Cell Walls – Promoters and Inhibitors of Mineral Nucleation
Behrends T, Scheinost A, Shaw S, Benning L & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Particularities of Mn(II) Uptake by Living and Dead Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Influence of Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by S(II) on Uranium Mobility
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Organic Geochemical Assessment of the Onset of an Oceanic Anoxic Event
Gill AS, Veld H & Behrends T

(2007) Interrelations between Fe(II)/Fe(III) and U(IV)/U(VI) Redox Couples
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Transformation of Hematite into Magnetite – How do Bacteria Contribute?
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2003) Competition between Enzymatic and Abiotic Reduction of Uranium(VI) Under Iron Reducing Conditions
Van Cappellen P & Behrends T

(2002) Surface Chemistry of a Gram-Negative Bacterium
Claessens J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Abiotic vs. Microbial Reduction of Uranium (VI)
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2000) Surface Catalysed Reduction of uranium(VI) by Iron (II) in the Presence of Carbonate
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

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