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All abstracts by Gray E. Bebout in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Fluid-Rock Interactions in Deeply Subducted and Underplated Oceanic Sediments: Scales of Fluid Infiltration and Carbon Mobilization
Epstein G, Bebout G, Angiboust S & Agard P

(2017) Nitrogen Transfer in Crustal Rocks
Halama R, Bebout G & Bea F

(2015) Coupled Dehydration-Decarbonation in High-Pressure Ophicarbonate. Implications on Carbon Cycling in Subduction Zones
Scambelluri M, Gilio M, Bebout GE, Belmonte D, Campomenosi N, Cannaò E & Crispini L

(2013) Record of Subduction Zone Carbon Cycling in HP/UHP Rocks, W. Alps
Collins N, Bebout G, Cook-Kollars J & Kump L

(2013) Storage of Initially Organic Nitrogen in Silicate Minerals and Volcanic Glasses
Bebout G, Lazzeri K, Palya A, Anderson-Smith L, Izawa M, Banerjee N & Geiger C

(2011) On the Duration and Rates of Fluid Release from a Dehydrating Slab
John T, Podladchikov Y, Gussone N, Bebout G, Halama R, Magna T & Klemd R

(2010) Fate of Volatiles and Fluid-Mobile Elements in Forearcs: Some Metamorphic Avenues for Subduction-Zone Chemical Flux
Bebout G

(2010) Calcium Isotopes as Tracers of High-Pressure Subduction-Zone Fluid-Rock Interaction
Gussone N, John T, Beinlich A & Bebout G

(2010) Subduction-Collision Transition and Preservation of Subduction-Zone Geochemical History in HP/UHP Metamorphic Suites
Bebout G

(2009) Behavior of Nitrogen and its Isotopes during High-Pressure Fluid-Driven Metasomatic Processes: A Case Study from the Tian Shan, China
Halama R, Bebout G & John T

(2008) Storage and Mobility of Organic Nitrogen in the Deep Continental Crust: Evidence from Partially Melted Metasedimentary Rocks
Palya A, Buick I & Bebout G

(2008) Fate and Geochemical Imprint of Deeply Subducting Sediments: Evidence from HP/UHP Metamorphic Suites
Bebout G

(2007) Hf Isotope Records of Mélange Mixing and Blueschist-Facies Metamorphism within the Catalina Schist
King R, Bebout G & Vervoort J

(2007) A Natural Analog of 'Boron-Mullite' in Granulite-Facies Metapelites from Mount Stafford, Central Australia
Buick I, Grew E, Yates M, Medenbach O, Bebout G & Clarke G

(2006) Boron, Lithium, and Nitrogen Cycling through Subduction Zones
Bebout G

(2006) Metamorphic Chemical Geodynamics of Subduction Zones
Bebout G

(2006) Metamorphic evolution along the slab/mantle interface within subduction zones
King R & Bebout G

(2005) Trench to Subarc: Metamorphic Chemical Flux in Subduction Zones
Bebout G

(2005) Sensitivity of Global Carbon Cycling Models to Changing Subduction Fluxes
Bebout G & Kump L

(2005) Mélange Zones as a Better Source for the „slab‰ Signature in Arcs
King R, Bebout G, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2003) Geochemistry of Melange Formation: Identifying Contributions from Mechanical and Metasomatic Mixing
King R, Bebout G, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2003) Geochemistry of Devolatilization (and Exhumation) in W. Alps HP and UHP Metasedimentary Suites
Bebout G, Agard P, King R & Nakamura E

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