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All abstracts by Luc Beaufort in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Geochemistry of the Coccoliths: Proxy of Surface Water Conditions or of Resilience of Coccolithophores Facing Climate Change ?
Boye M, Sabata i Villardell N, Guéguen B, Schmidt S, Gardin S & Beaufort L

(2018) Uranium Isotopes as the Storytellers of Swaying Oxygen Minimum Zones
Choumiline K, Andersen MB, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Beaufort L & Lyons TW

(2017) Sensitivity of Redox Proxies to Rapid Variability in Oxygen Minimum Zones
Choumiline K, Lyons TW, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Raiswell R & Beaufort L

(2017) Sulfur Impact on Coccolithophore Bio-Calcification. A Simulated in Vitro Approach Linking Present with Ancient Oceans
Broche B, Ruiz-Pino D, Probert I, Prevot F, Beaufort L, Bartolini A & Gardin S

(2017) Peering into the Architectures of CaCO3 Particles by 3D Synchrotron X-Ray Tomography
Gibaud A, Cherkas O, Beuvier T, Chushkin Y, Zontone F, Beaufort L, Zuchéras-Marx B & Probert I

(2016) Drivers of Redox Changes in Diverse Basins of the Gulf of California: Alfonso, La Paz, and Pescadero
Choumiline K, Lyons TW, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Raiswell R & Beaufort L

(2011) Terrigenous Input and Microcharcoal Changes in the Gulf of Papua during the Last 60 kyrs
Bonnet N, de Garidel-Thoron T, Ménot G, Beaufort L, Buchet N & Bard E

(2010) Glacial Ocean Temperatures from ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Foraminifera and Coccoliths
Tripati A, Eagle R, Eiler J & Beaufort L

(2000) A High Resolution (231Pa/230Th)xs, 0 Profile from the Western Pacific Warm Pool over the Last Five Isotopic Stages
Pichat S, Albarede F, Beaufort L, Francois R & Sims KW

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