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All abstracts by Xiang Kun Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Differentiation of Mafic Magma and its Bearing on Fe Mineralisation: A Case Study from the Panzhihua Layered Intrusion, China
Zhu X-K, Wang S-X, Wang Y & Song X

(2015) Fe Isotope Composition of the Early Mesoproterozoic Epicontinental Fe-Sedimentation and its Paleoceanographic Significance
Li Z & ZHu X

(2015) Molybdenum Isotopic Composition of Wafangzi Ferromanganese Oxide Deposit and its Paleoceanographic Implications
Li J & Zhu X-K

(2014) High-Precision Measurements of Molybdenum Isotopic Compositions of Geochemical Reference Materials
Li J, Zhu X-K & Tang S

(2014) Fe-Nd- Isotopes and Trace Element Geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic Iron Formation in Xinyu, Yangtze Region, China
Sun J, Zhu X-K, Li Z-H, Yan B & Li J

(2014) Fe Isotopic Characteristics of Neoproterozoic Iron Formations in South China
Yan B, Zhu X-K, Li Z-H, Li J, Zhu M-Y & Zhang F-F

(2014) Cu Isotope Fractionation during Weathering of Basalt
Li SZ, Zhu XK, Dong AG & Wang SX

(2014) Mesoproterozoic Mn Mineralisation in North China Craton and its Paleoceanographic Significance
Zhu X-K, Zhang F-F, Yan B & Gao Z-F

(2013) Zn Isotope Compostions of the Ediacaran Carbonates, Yangtze Block
Yan B, Zhu X & Tang S

(2013) Mg and Fe Isotope Constraints on the Genesis of Bayan Obo Ore Deposits, Inner Mongolia, China
Zhu X, Sun J & Li S

(2011) Isotope Fractionation of Transition Metals by Higher Plants
Zhu X & Li S

(2010) Iron Isotope Fractionations Under Different Digenetic Environments in Lake Sediments
Song L, Liu C-Q, Wang Z-L, Zhu X, Teng Y, Wang J, Liang L & Tang S

(2010) Copper Isotope Fractionation by Higher Plants
Zhu X-K, Li S-Z, Luo Y-M & Wu L-H

(2008) Fe Isotope Behaviour during Regional Metamorphism: Example from Anshan BIFs, NE China
Li ZH, Zhu XK & Tang SH

(2008) Experimental Study on Cu Isotope Fractionation during Crystallization and Reduction at Low Temperatures
Li J, Zhu XK & Tang SH

(2008) A Surprising Correlation between Magnesium Isotope Composition and pH in Synthetic Calcium Carbonates Precipitated from Saline Water
Li SZ, Zhu XK, Xiao YK & He X

(2008) Transition Metal Isotope Variations in North Pacific Deep Water
Zhu XK, Li J, Tang SH & Ling HF

(2007) Fe Isotope Variations in North Pacific Deep Water over Last 80Ma
Zhu X, Li J, Tang S & Ling H

(2007) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(III) Hydrolysis in Cl- Medium at Low Temperatures
Li J, Zhu X, Tang S & Ling H

(2007) Fe Isotopes of Banded Iron Formation from Anshan, Northeast China
Li Z, Zhu X, Li Y & Tang S

(2003) Determination of True Fractional Calcium Absorption by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
He X, Zhu X, Liu D, Yang C, Chen W & Lee W

(2002) High Precision Measurement of Ti Isotopes in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
Guo Y, Maxshima A, Zhu X-K, Belshaw N, O'Nions K & Russell S

(2002) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Transition Metal Isotopes in Oceans
Zhu X-K, Guo Y & O'Nions K

(2002) Mg and Ca Isotope Fractionation during CaCO3 Biomineralization
Chang VT-C, Belshaw N, Makishima A, Williams RJP, Zhu X-K & O'Nions RK

(2002) Natural and Experimental Mass Fractionation of Transition Metal Isotopes
O'Nions K & Zhu X-K

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