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All abstracts by Guangyou Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Occurrence and Origins of Thiols in Deep Strata Crude Oils
Wang M & Zhu G

(2020) Late Neoproterozoic Intracontinental Rifting of the Tarim Carton, NW China: An Integrated Geochemical, Geochronological and Sr–Nd–Hf Isotopic Study of Siliciclastic Rocks and Basalts from Deep Drilling Cores
Chen W, Zhu G & Yan H

(2020) The Fluctuation Cycle of Mercury Content in Early Cambrian Black Shales in Southern China and its Indication of Redox Process
Zhu G, Wang P & Li T

(2020) The Nitrogen Cycle during the Cryogenian Interglacial Period: Implications from the Datangpo Formation of a Drillcore, South China
Li T & Zhu G

(2020) Anomalous Enrichment of Mercury in Early Cambrian in South China: Implication for Marine Environment and Biological Evolution
Zhao K, Zhu G, Li T & Wang P

(2016) Discovery of High-Quality Source Rocks in the Old Cratonic Tarim Basin, China
Zhu G & Chen F

(2016) Kerogen Carbon Isotopes of Lower-Cambrian and Middle-Upper Ordovician, Northwestern Tarim Basin, China: Implications for the Oil-Source Rock Correlation
Tao X, Zhu G, Zhou C, Li T & Ma D

(2014) High-resolution δ13Ccarb Records from the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China Providing New Insight into the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Zhang T, Zhu G & Shen Y

(2013) Evidence of Underground Water for the Forming Mechanism of High Sulfur Condensate Reservoirs, Example from the Tazhong Area
Su J, Zhang S, Zhu G & Wang Y

(2013) Research on the Super-Long Life of Deep Carbonate Oil Reservoir
Zhu G, Zhang S & Su J

(2011) Quantitative Identification of Reservoir Fluid Properties and Boundary Shifts by Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Su J, Zhang S & Zhu G

(2011) Large Area Multi-Stage Quasi-Layer Petroleum Accumulation in Carbonate Reservoirs in Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin
Zhu G, Zhang S, Wang Y & Su J

(2007) Stable Sufer Isotopic Composition of H2S and its TSR Origin in Sichuan Basin, China
Zhu G, Zhang S, Dai J & Liang Y

(2007) Controlling Mechanism of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction
Zhang S, Shuai Y & Zhu G

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