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All abstracts by Yong-Fei Zheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Multiple Isotopes Trace Volatile Recycling Through Subduction Zone Metasomatism
Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2022) Generation of Andesite Through Partial Melting of Basaltic Metasomatites in the Mantle Wedge: Insight from Quantitative Study of Andean Andesites
Chen L, Zheng Y-F, Xu Z & Zhao Z-F

(2022) Mantle Oxidation Initiated by Slab-Derived Carbonate Fluids: Insights from CH4±graphite Inclusions in Orogenic Peridotites
Su Y, Li S, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2021) A Missing Piece between Laurentia and the North China Craton in Rodinia: Evidence from Detrital Zircons from Metasedimentary Rocks of the North Qinling Terrane in Central China
Sun F-Y, Zhang S-B, Zheng Y-F, Li Z-X & Liang T

(2021) Crustal Thickening in the Neoarchean: Geochemical Records by Potassic Granitoids from the Taihua Complex in the North China Craton and Worldwide
Li Z-X, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Garnet Effect on Zircon Lu-Hf Isotope Systems during Crustal Anatexis
Xia Q-X, Chen Y-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Large-Scale Partial Melting of Deeply Subducted Continental Slab during Continental Collision: An Example from the Sulu Orogen
Ma H-Z, Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Carbonatites Record Recycling of the Subducted Ancient Oceanic Crust and Overlying Sedimentary Carbonate
Dai L-Q, Fang W & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Geochemical Constraints on Subduction Style in the Neoarchean: Magmatic Records from the Northern Yangtze Craton, China
Zhang S-B, Zheng Y-F, Wu P, He Q & Rong W

(2020) Water in Minerals from Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks: Implications for Fluid Activity in Continental Subduction Zone
Chen R-X, Gong B & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Geochmical Evidence for Recycling of the Paleo-Tethyan Oceanic Crust into the Mantle Source of Syn-Collisional Mafic Igneous Rocks in China
Fang W, Dai L & Zheng Y

(2020) Miocene High-Temperature Magmatism in the Himalayan Orogen
Gao P, Zheng Y-F, Mayne MJ, Liu Z-C & Zhao Z-F

(2020) Geochemical Evidence from Coesite-Bearing Jadeite Quartzites for Large-Scale Flow of Metamorphic Fluids in a Continental Subduction Channel
Gao X-Y & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Zircon Behavior in the Metasedimentary Rock during Continental Collision: Constraints from Felsic Granulites in the Bohemian Massif
Yang G, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2019) Mg-C Isotopes Trace Carbon Recycling in Continental Subduction Zone
Dai L-Q, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2019) Slab Rollback and Magmatic Flare-Up: Constraints from Late Cretaceous Plutonic Rocks in the Gangdese Zone, Southern Tibet
Chen L, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2019) A New Geochemical Proxy for Supercontinent Reconstruction: Low δ18O Magma
Zhang S-B, He Q, Wu P & Zheng Y-F

(2018) The Origins of Garnets in Anatectic Rocks fromTethyan Himalaya: Constraints from Major-Trace Element Zonations and Phase Equilibrium Calculations
Xia Q-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F

(2018) The Origin of Early Neoproterozoic Volcanic Rocks and Plagiogranites in the Northern Margin of the South China Block: Constraints on the Position of South China in Supercontinent Rodinia
Wu P, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Mineral Record of Abiotic Nitrogen Reduction
Li L, Busigny V, Zheng Y-F, Li K, He Q & Cartigny P

(2017) Garnet Geochemistry Records Multistage Processes of Hydration and Dehydration at a Continental Rift during Rodinia Breakup
He Q, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Quantifying Crustal Components in the Mantle Sources of Cenozoic Continental Basalts from Eastern China
Xu Z & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Distinguishing Carbonate and Silicate Metasomatisms in Generating the Mantle Sources of Alkali Basalt in Western Qinling, China
Dai L-Q, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Noble Gas Signatures Preserved in Podiform Chromitites from Luobusa and Kangjinla, Tibet
Guo W, He H, Hilton D & Zheng Y

(2017) Relict Zircon Tracking the Source Nature of Peraluminous Granite
Gao P, Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia X-P

(2017) Integrated Geochemical Constraints on Source Nature and Melting Conditions of Triassic Granites from South Qinling, Central China
Lu Y-H, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Geochemical Constraints on the Nature of Magma Sources for Mesozoic Bimodal Volcanic Rocks from the Middle-Lower Yangtze Valley in South China
Chen L, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2017) Back Reaction of Peritectic Garnet for Origin of Mafic Enclaves in S-Type Granite
Rong W, Zhang S & Zheng Y

(2016) A Geochemical Framework in Retrieving the Linked Depositional and Diagenetic Histories of Marine Carbonates
Zhao M-Y & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Magma Evolution and Open System Processes for Mesozoic Andesitic Volcanics from the Ningwu Basin in South China: Constraints from Clinopyroxene Geochemistry
Chen L, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2016) Geochemical Transfer from the Subducting Crust to the Mantle
Zheng Y-F

(2016) Two Types of the Crust-Mantle Interaction in Continental Subduction Zones
Zhao Z-F, Dai L-Q & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Lead Isotope Constraints on the Nature of Crustal Components in the Mantle Source of Cenozoic Continental Basalts from Eastern China
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2016) An Experimental Study on Dehydration Melting of UHP Metagranite at High Pressure
Xia Q-X, Van Orman J, Han J, Zheng Y-F, Li W-C, Yu M & Luo X

(2016) Zircon Geochemistry Records the Action of Metamorphic Fluid on the Formation of UHP Jadeite Quartzite
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F & Chen Y-X

(2016) Mafic Igneous Rocks Record Two Styles of the Crust-Mantle Interaction during Decratonization in North China
Dai L-Q, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2016) The Slab-Mantle Interaction for the Origin of Andesitic Rocks: Geochemical Evidence from Postcollisional Intermediate Volcanics in the Dabie Orogen
Dai F-Q, Zhao Z-F, Dai L-Q & Zheng Y-F

(2016) The Anatectic Effect on the Zircon Hf Isotope Composition of Migmatites and Associated Granites
Chen Y-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Zircon in Orogenic Peridotite Records the Crust-Mantle Interaction in Continental Subduction Zone
Chen R-X, Li H-Y & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Neoarchean Subduction Recorded in the Northern Margin of the Yangtze Craton, South China
Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Neoproterozoic Deglacial Meltwater-Rock Reaction Recorded by Zircon in situ Oxygen Isotopes in Metaigneous Rocks from the Sulu Orogen
He Q, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2016) Distinction between S-Type and Peraluminous I-Type Granites: Zircon Versus Whole-Rock Geochemistry
Gao P, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2015) Magma Mixing in Granite Petrogenesis: Insights from Geochemistry of Biotite Inclusions
Gao P, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2015) The Roles of Source Composition, Magma Mixing and Fractional Crystallization in Petrogenesis of Intermediate Volcanics from the Ningwu Basin in South China
Chen L, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Crust-Mantle Interaction in Continental Subduction Channel: Evidence from Orogenic Peridotites and Mafic Intrusives
Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Chen R-X

(2014) Origin of Andesitic Rocks: Geochemical Constraints from Mesozoic Volcanics in the Luzong Basin, South China
Chen L, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2014) U-Pb Ages and Trace Elements of Metamorphic Rutile and Zircon from Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Quartzite in the Sulu Orogen
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F & Chen Y-X

(2014) Zonation and Multiphase Growth of Garnet in UHP Metamorphic Rocks of Continental Subduction Zone
Xia Q-X, Zhou L-G & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Dehydration and Anatexis of UHP Metagranite during Continental Collision
Li W-C, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Trace Element Mobility at Mineral Scale: Evidence from Titanite U-Pb Dating and Trace Element Analysis for UHP Gneisses from the Sulu Orogen
Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Source and Magma Mixing Processes in Continental Collision Zone: Geochemical Evidence from Postcollisional Mafic Igneous Rocks in the Dabie Orogen
Dai L-Q, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Dissolution and Reprecipitation of Protolith Zircon during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism: Insights from Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics
Sheng Y-M & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Zircon as a Tool to Determine the Position of Tectonic Suture: A Case Study from the Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Zhang S-B, Tang J & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Water Content and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Phenocrysts from Cenozoic Continental Basalt in North China: Implications to the Hydrous Properties of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Gong B

(2014) The Effect of Partial Melting on Geochemical Diversity in Granites
Gao P, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2014) Isotope Record of Abiotic Nitrogen Reduction in a Neoproterozoic Continental Hydrothermal System
Li L, Zheng Y-F, Cartigny P & Li J

(2013) The Nature of Crustal Components in Mantle Sources for Cenozoic Continent Basalts in Southeastern North China Craton
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2012) The Nature of Orogenic Lithospheric Mantle:constraints from Geochemistry of Postcollisional Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in the Dabie Orogen
Dai L-Q, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2012) Formation and Evolution of Precambrian Crust in South China: Insights from the Dongling Complex
Zhang S-B, He Q & Zheng Y-F

(2012) Syn-Exhumation Magmatism during Continental Collision: Evidence from Alkaline Intrusives of Triassic Age in the Sulu Orogen
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2011) Timing of Dehydration Melting and Fluid Flow during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism in the Dabie Orogen
Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2011) Geochemical and U-Pb Age Constraints on the Occurrence of Polygenetic Titanites in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F, Chen Y-X & Guo J-L

(2011) Growth of Zircon and Rutile during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism: A Case Study of UHP Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Zheng Y-F, Gao X-Y, Chen R-X & Gao T

(2011) Multistage Growth of Garnet in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Xia Q-X, Zheng Y-F & Lu X-N

(2011) The Effect of Post-Depositional Fluids on Ediacaran Sedimentary Carbonate in South China
Zhao Y & Zheng Y

(2011) Metamorphic Growth and Recrystallization of Zircons in Negative δ18O Metamorphic Rocks: A Combined Study of U-Pb Dating, Trace Elements, and O-Hf Isotopes
Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F & Chen R-X

(2011) Origin of Postcollisional Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in the Dabie Orogen: Implications for Recycling of the Deeply Subducted Continental Crust
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2011) Tectonic Evolution of the Qinling-Tongbai-Dabie Orogenic Belt
Wu Y & Zheng Y

(2011) Partial Melting and Element Transfer during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism: Geochemical Insights from Leucosome within UHP Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Sheng Y-M & Zheng Y-F

(2011) Melting of Juvenile Lithospheric Mantle: Geochemical Evidence from Neoproterozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in South China
Zhang S-B, Wu R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Multiphase Solid Inclusions in UHP Eclogite from the Dabie Orogen: Constraints on the Nature of Metamorphic Fluid/Melt during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism
Gao X-Y & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Continental Accretion by Arc-Continent Collision during the Columbia Assembly in South China
Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Partial Melting during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism: Evidence from Multiphase Solid Inclusions within Minerals of UHP Felsic Vein and Host Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Li S-N & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Geochemical Constraints on Tectonic Affinity of Eclogite and Granulite Protoliths in the Jiaodong Terrane, the Sulu Orogen
Tang J & Zheng Y-F

(2010) The Presence of Molecular Water in Addition to Structural Hydroxyl in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals from UHP Metamorphic Rocks
Gong B & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for the “Hot” Exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in Continental Subduction Zones
Lu X-N, Xia Q-X, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Geochemical Insights into Reworking of Juvenile and Ancient Crustal Rocks in Arc-Continent and Continent-Continent Collision Zones
Zheng Y-F

(2010) Remelting of Subducted Continental Lithosphere: Petrogenesis of Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks in the Dabie-Sulu Orogenic Belt
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Distinguishing Metamorphic Growth from Recrystallization of Zircon in Eclogite-Facies Metamorphic Rocks
Xia Q-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2010) In situ U-Pb Dating, Oxygen Isotope and Trace Element Analyses of Zircons from Quartz Vein and Host UHP Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Sheng Y-M & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Hydrogen Isotopes and Water Contents in Minerals from UHP Metamorphic Rocks
Chen R-X, Zheng Y-F & Gong B

(2010) Evidence from Pyroxenite Xenoliths for Subducted Lower Oceanic Crust in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Xu Y, Song S & Zheng Y-F

(2010) Origin of Diagenetic Fluid: Constraints from in situ Analyses of Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Carbonate Veinlet and Wallrock from the Ediacaran System in South China
Zhao Y-Y & Zheng Y-F

(2009) Chemical Architecture of the Dabie Orogen: Constraints from Zircon Hf and Whole-Rock Sr-Nd Isotopes in Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2009) Episodic Fluid Action in Continental Subduction Zones: Geochemical Evidence from Marble-Hosted UHP Eclogite in the Sulu Orogen
Tang J & Zheng Y-F

(2009) Arc-Continent Collision Zones are Primary Sites of Net Continental Crustal Growth: Evidence from Neoproterozoic and Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks in the Periphery of the Yangtze Craton
Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

(2009) Annular Crustal Accretion and Reworking Around the Yangtze Nuclei during Neoproterozoic: A Link to the Initiation and Termination of Annular Subduction of Oceanic Crust
Wang X-L, Zheng Y-F, Zhou J-C, Qiu J-S & Zhao G

(2009) Lack of the Garnet Effect on Zircon Trace Elements for TTG-Like Rocks
Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2009) The Effects of Garnet, Amphibole and Fluid on Uptaking of Trace Elements in Zircon during Quartz Veining within Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Sheng Y-M & Zheng Y-F

(2008) Geochemical and Petrological Evidence for Dehydration Melting in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks during Exhumation
Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia Q-X

(2008) Phenocryst O Isotope Constraints on the Timescale of Basaltic Magmatism
Zhang J-J & Zheng Y-F

(2008) Mineral Water Concentration and H Isotope Evidence for Decompressional Dehydration during Exhumation of Deeply Subducted Continental Crust
Chen R-X, Zheng Y-F & Gong B

(2007) Zircon U-Pb Age, Hf and O Isotope Insight into Origin of Neoproterozoic Granitoids in South China
Zheng Y-F, Zhang S-B & Wu R-X

(2007) Finding of Negative δ18O Zircon from Metagranite in Eastern Sulu, China: Implication for Local Paleoclimate
Tang J, Zheng Y-F & Wu Y-B

(2007) Crustal Architecture of the Dabie Orogen: Constraints from U-Pb Age, Hf and O Isotopes in Zircon from UHP Granitic Gneiss
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

(2007) Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in Phengite from UHP Metamorphic Rocks in the Sulu Orogen, China
Li L, Zheng Y-F & Cartigny P

(2007) H-O Isotopes and Water Content in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals from UHP Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Gong B, Zheng Y-F & Chen R-X

(2007) Mineral H Isotopes and Water Contents in UHP Eclogite-Gneiss Contact from CCSD Core Samples
Chen R-X, Zheng Y-F & Gong B

(2007) Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Evidence for Growth and Reworking of the Yangtze Continental Nucleus
Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Mapping of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in the Dabie-Sulu Orogen of China
Zheng Y-F, Li L, Zhao Z-F & Gong B

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Water at Low Temperatures
Zhou G-T & Zheng Y-F

(2002) Disequilibrium Sm-Nd and O Isotope Systems in Garnet Peridotite during UHP Metamorphism
Zheng Y-F, Gong B, Yang J-J & Jahn B-M

(2002) A Large Scale of Meteoric-Hydrothermal Alteration at Neoproterozoic in the Yangtze Craton of China
Zheng Y-F, Gong B, Li L & Feng W-M

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