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All abstracts by Jian-Ping Zheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Modification and Replacement of Mesozoic Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Cathaysia Block, South China
Zhang H, Zhou Y & Zheng J

(2020) Eoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Crustal Evolution in the North China Craton
Ma Q, Xu Y-G, Huang X-L & Zheng J-P

(2020) Complex Formation Processes of the Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolites (Tibet)
Xiong Q, Zheng J-P, Zheng H-D, Griffin WL & O'Reilly SY

(2020) Chromitite in a Tibetan Ophiolite Records Deep Upper-Mantle Circulation and Episodic Subduction
O'Reilly S, Xiong Q, Griffin W, Henry H, Zheng J-P & Pearson N

(2020) Pyroxenite Xenoliths Record Episodic Metasomatism in Deep Lithosphere, Northwestern North China Craton
Dai H-K, Zheng J-P, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Xiong Q

(2020) Petrogenesis of the Orbicular Granodiorite from the Yangtze Nucleus
Li Y, Zheng J & Satish-Kumar M

(2019) Sulfides in Ophiolitic Dunite Channels Cause Os-Isotope Decoupling between Oceanic Crust and Mantle
Xiong Q, Zheng J-P, Xu Y, Liu J-G, Griffin WL & O'Reilly SY

(2019) No Collision between Western and Eastern Gondwana at their Northern Extent
Wang W, Cawood P, Pandit M, Zhao J & Zheng J

(2019) Recycling Oceanic Crust in Mantle Revealed by Diamond within Chromitite from the Mirdita Ophiolite (Albania)
Wu W, Yang J, Wirth R, Zheng J, Lian D & Qiu T

(2017) Garnet Pyroxenites in Southeastern Australia: Tracing Deep Lithospheric Events
Lu J-G, Griffin WL, Xiong Q, O'Reilly SY, Zheng J-P & Pearson NJ

(2017) Episodic Subduction of Tethyan Slabs Recorded in a Tibetan Ophiolite
Xiong Q, Griffin WL, Zheng J-P, Pearson NJ & O'Reilly SY

(2016) Upwelling of the SE Australian Lithosphere: Thermo-Tectonic Evolution of Garnet Pyroxenite Xenoliths from Western Victoria
Lu J-G, Xiong Q, Griffin WL, Huang J-X, O'Reilly SY, Satsukawa T, Zheng J-P & Pearson N

(2016) Two Types of Chromitites in a Tibetan Ophiolite Produced by Two-Stage Accretion of Tethyan Arc Lithosphere
Xiong Q, Griffin WL, Zheng J-P, O'Reilly SY & Pearson NJ

(2016) Hadean Terrestrial Crust in the Southern North China Craton: Evidence from the Xinyang Felsic Granulite Xenoliths
Ping X, Zheng J & Tang H

(2015) Two-Layered Neo-Tethyan Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle in a Tibetan Ophiolite, China
Xiong Q, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY, Pearson NJ & Zheng J-P

(2013) Multistage Refertilization of an Archean Peridotite Massif, N. Qaidam Orogen (NE Tibet, China)
Xiong Q, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N & Zheng J

(2009) Studies on P-T-T of Mafic Granulites from North Tongbai, Central China
Zhang L, Zhong Z, Xiang H, Zhang H, Zheng J & Liu L

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