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All abstracts by Shuichang Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Contrasting Mo–U Enrichments of the Basal Datangpo Formation in South China
Ye Y, Wang H, Wang M, Wu C & Zhang S

(2018) Significance of Source Rock Heterogeneities: A Case Study of Mesoproterozoic Xiamaling Formation Shale in North China
Wang X, Zhang S, Wang H, Su J, He K & Wang X

(2018) Pulsed Oxidation of Deep Ocean of Early Cambrian Revealed by Phosphate Nodule
Wang H, Zhang S, Ye Y & Wang X

(2018) An Episode of Rising Oxygen Level at Mesoproterozoic
Zhang S, Wang X, Wang H, Su J & Canfield DE

(2018) Hydrous Pyrolysis of Kerogens with FeS: Insights into the Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation of Hydrocarbon Gases in Deep Formation
He K, Zhang S & Mi J

(2017) A Simple Analytical Method for Phenols in Geological Organic Matter
Fang C, Zhai J, Huang L, Hu G & Zhang S

(2017) Molecular and Isotopic Characteristics of Source Rocks in the Early Cambrian of Tarim Basin
Su J, Zhang S, Wang Y, Wang X, Wang H & He K

(2017) In situ Imaging of Multi-Elements on Single Mineral Using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Wang H, Zhang S, Ye Y & Wang X

(2017) The Dynamical Tropical Ocean Chemistry in 1.4 Billion Years ago
Zhang S, Wang X, Wang H & Canfield DE

(2017) Diahopanes Indicate Aerobic Respiration in 1.4 Billion Years ago
Wang X, Zhang S, Wang H & Canfield DE

(2015) Carbon Cycle Anomalies and Black Shale Deposition in the Lower Cambrian Strata, Eastern Tarim Basin, China
Wang H, Wang X & Zhang S

(2015) A DOC Reservoir in the Furongian Series
Wang X, Wang H & Zhang S

(2014) Lipid Biomarkers Record the Microbial Community and Metabolic Pathways in Mesoproterozoic Ocean
Zhang S, Wang X & Wang H

(2014) Possible High Diversification of Eukaryotic Algaes in Mesoproterozoic
Wang X, Wang H & Zhang S

(2014) The New Understanding of the Siliceous Source and Depositional Environment in Xiamaling Formation (1.38 Ga), North of China
Wang H, Wang X & Zhang S

(2014) Effect of Water on the Evolution of Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope of Lignite during Artificial Maturation
He K, Zhang S & Mi J

(2013) Evidence of Underground Water for the Forming Mechanism of High Sulfur Condensate Reservoirs, Example from the Tazhong Area
Su J, Zhang S, Zhu G & Wang Y

(2013) Research on the Super-Long Life of Deep Carbonate Oil Reservoir
Zhu G, Zhang S & Su J

(2013) Organic Carbon Proxies in Black Shales: Strontium
Wang H, Wang X & Zhang S

(2013) The Distributon of DBT and DBF in Mesoproterozoic (1.36 Ga) Sediments
Wang X, Wang H & Zhang S

(2011) Simulating Experiments on Gas Generation of Coal Under Different Fluid Pressure
Mi J, Zhang S & He K

(2011) Quantitative Identification of Reservoir Fluid Properties and Boundary Shifts by Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Su J, Zhang S & Zhu G

(2011) Large Area Multi-Stage Quasi-Layer Petroleum Accumulation in Carbonate Reservoirs in Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin
Zhu G, Zhang S, Wang Y & Su J

(2011) A Simulation Study of Hydrocarbon Gas Generation from Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis with Varying Carbon Source and Hydrogen in a Gold Tube System
Zhang S & Mi J

(2011) Effects of Water on the Thermal Stability of Hydrocarbons and the Composition and Isotope Characteristics of the Gas Products
He K, Zhang S & Mi J

(2011) Active Methanogenesis in the Subsurface during Development Process
Shuai Y, Zhang S, Mi J & Liu M

(2010) Ubiquitous and Expanding Biosphere in Deep Sediments: Inferred from a Microbial Profile of Quaternary Terrigenous Deep Deposit, Qaidam Basin, China
Zhang S & Shuai Y

(2009) Cambrian and Ordovician Oceanic Oscillations: New Geochemical Evidence from the Tarim Basin
Zhang S, Wang R, Wang X & Zhang B

(2009) How to Feed the Deep Biosphere in a Continental Sedimentation Basin
Shuai Y, Zhang S, Su A, Huang L & Wang X

(2007) Xingcheng Abiogenic Alkane Gas Field in Songliao Basin, China
Dai J, Zhang S, Li J & Ni Y

(2007) Controlling Mechanism of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction
Zhang S, Shuai Y & Zhu G

(2007) Stable Sufer Isotopic Composition of H2S and its TSR Origin in Sichuan Basin, China
Zhu G, Zhang S, Dai J & Liang Y

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