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All abstracts by Qirui Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Synchronous Initiation of the 2nd Episode of Worldwide Sturtian Glaciation: SIMS Zircon U-Pb and O Isotope Evidence from the Jiangkou Group in South China
Lan Z, Li X, Li Q & Zhang Q

(2014) A Rapid and Synchronous Initiation of the Sturtian Glaciations
Lan Z, Li X, Zhu M, Chen Z, Zhang Q, Li Q, Liu Y & Tang G

(2014) Geochemical Evidence for Ferruginous Marine Conditions Following the Paleoproterozoic Demise of Iron Formation Deposition
Li C, Planavsky N, Love G, Lyons T, Reinhard C, Feng L, Huang J, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2012) A Highly Stratified Cryogenian Marine Basin Recorded in the Datangpo Formation, South China
Li C, Love G, Lyons T, Scott C, Feng L, Huang J, Chang H, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2012) A Reevaluation of Early Cambrian Ocean Redox Conditions Through the Iron Geochemical Studies of the Lower Hetang Black Shales in South China
Feng L, Li C, Huang J, Chang H, Li C, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2009) Terminal Ediacaran Oceanic Anoxia: Evidence from Framboidal Pyrites in the Cherts of Laobao Formation (South China)
Chang H, Chu X, Huang J, Feng L & Zhang Q

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