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All abstracts by Tzen-Fu Yui in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Clumped Isotope Compositions of Marbles: An Example from the Backbone Range of Taiwan
Laskar A, Yui T-F & Liang M-C

(2016) Almost Epitaxial Forsterite in Nanometer-Sized K-Rich Fluid/Melt Inclusions of Aykhal Diamond
Hwang S-L, Shen P, Yui T-F, Chu H-T, Sobolev NV & Logvinova AM

(2015) A Revisit to the Yorii Jadeite-Quartz Rock, the Kanto Mountains, Japan: Implications from Zircon
Yui T-F & Fukuyama M

(2013) The Genesis of Jadeitite: A Viewpoint from Zirconology
Yui T-F

(2013) LA-ICP-MS Trace Element and Oxygen Isotope Variation of Vanadium-Rich Ruby and Sapphire within Mogok Gemfield, Myanmar
Zaw K, Sutherland L, Yui T-F, Meffre S & Thu K

(2012) Detrital Zircons from the Higo and Abukuma Metamorphic Terranes, Japan: Implication for the Sediment Provenance
Maki K, Fukuyama M, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F, Wang K-L, Usuki T, Hirata T & Grove M

(2011) Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Data from Granitic Rocks of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Wang K-L, Yui T-F, Yang J-H, Lin W & Hsieh P-S

(2011) Sr and Nd Isotope Disequilibrium in Migmatites and Leucogranites, the Higo Metamorphic Terrane, Japan
Maki K, Shellnutt JG, Wu T-W, Mori Y, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F & Jahn B-M

(2008) Syngenetic Nanometer-Size Fluid/Glass Inclusions in Metamorphic Microdiamond: Implication to Genesis of Metamorphic Microdiamond from Potassic Fluid/Melt
Hwang S-L, Shen P, Chu H-T & Yui T-F

(2007) SHRIMP Age of Detrital Zircon from the Rock of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Okamoto K, Yui T-F & Tseng C-Y

(2001) ?-PbO2-type TiO2: From Mineral Physics to Natural Occurrence
Shen P, Hwang SL, Chu HT & Yui TF

(2001) Coesite-Eclogite Rocks Preserve Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Evidence of a Temperate Latitude Cold Climate during Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth
Rumble Iii D, Giorgis D, Ireland T, Xu H, Yui TF & Liou JG

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