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All abstracts by Mustafa Yucel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Deoxygenation and Coastal Eutrophication Drive Distinct Benthic Nutrient Dynamics in the Hypoxic Marmara Sea and Oxic Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Akcay I & Yücel M

(2019) Dissolved, Colloidal and Particulate Iron in Hydrothermal Vent Fluids and Rising Plumes from Broken Spur and Rainbow, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Yücel M, Sevgen S & Le Bris N

(2019) Distinct Chemical Microenvironments Drive Two Different Macrofaunal Habitat Types in the East Pacific Rise, 9°50 N Hydrothermal Ecosystems
Yücel M, Guimond J, Chace P, Estes E, Cagri Yapan B, Cao X & Luther G

(2019) Outreach and Communication in Marine Geosciences: The Integrated Strategy of METU Institute of Marine Sciences to Engage Communities in Turkey and Europe
Sahin E, Yücel M, Kideys A, Ak-Orek Y, Zenginer A, Kideys A & Salihoglu B

(2018) Nanoparticulate Reverse Weathering Products in Focused and Diffuse Hydrothermal Flow
Estes E, Berti D, Findlay A, Gartman A, Hochella M, Yucel M & Luther G

(2017) Modelling of Advective Transport and Biogeochemistry at a Shallow Hydrothermal Vent System
Bartlett S, Giovannelli D & Yucel M

(2017) Reactive Iron in the Seafloor of Cilician Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
Ermis E, Orek H, Tezcan D & Yucel M

(2017) Intermediate Sulfur Products along Natural Marine Redox Gradients: New Insights from a Holistic Analysis of Microelectrode Cyclic Voltammograms
Yucel M

(2016) Physical Control of the Spatial and Temporal Diversity of Microbial Mats at a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent
Giovannelli D, Foustoukos D, LeBris N, Sievert S, Yucel M, D'Alessandro V, Ricci R & Vetriani C

(2016) Redox Processes in Suboxic Worlds: The Highly Different Benthic Geochemistry of Fe-S-Mn Across the Chemoclines of Baltic and Black Sea
Yucel M, Sommer S, Dale A, Slomp C & Arkin S

(2012) Hydrothermal Vents as a Source of Pyrite and Trace Metal- Containing Mineral Nanoparticles to the Oceans
Gartman A, Yucel M & Luther G

(2012) Transformation of Marine Wood-Falls into Anoxic-Sulfidic Environments: Voltammetric Time Series and Kinetic Modeling
Yucel M, Contreira L, Galand P, Fagervold S & Le Bris N

(2009) Post-Eruption Sulfide and Iron Content of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from East Pacific Rise, 9°50’ N
Yucel M, Mullaugh K & Luther G

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