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All abstracts by Edward D. Young in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) 13CDH3 and 12CD2H2 Geothermometers Record Thermogenic CH4 Rising along Active Faults from Depths of 5, 6.5, and 8 km
Rumble D, Lin Y-T, Lin L-H, Wang P-L & Young ED

(2019) Using Stable Isotopes to Probe the Differentiation and Evolution of Planetesimals
Shahar A, Ni P, Badro J, Young E, Elardo S & Chabot N

(2019) Evaporation of Planetesimals: Theory Meets Laboratory Experiments
Young E, Macris C, Tang H & Darling E

(2019) Abundances of Paired Methane Isotopologues as Evidence for the Origin of Methane from Mud Volcanoes in Taiwan
Lin Y-T, Rumble D, Young ED, Labidi J, Tu T-H, Wang P-L & Lin L-H

(2019) Isotope Fractionation due to Vaporization in Tektites: An Experimental Study
Macris C, Ni P, Darling E, Shahar A & Young E

(2019) Earth’s Role in Isotopic Fractionation of Moderately Volatile Elements on the Moon
Tang H, Schlichting H & Young E

(2019) The Origin of 12CH2D2 Depletions in Microbialgenic Methane Gases
Taenzer L, Leavitt W, Labiti J & Young E

(2018) Compositions of Extrasolar Minor Planets from Polluted White Dwarf Studies
Xu S, Dufour P, Monson N, Klein B, Zuckerman B & Young E

(2018) Near Equilibrium, Non-Thermogenic, Methane in Sedimentary Systems: The Unrecognized Role of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane?
Giunta T, Young E, Martini A, Warr O, Kohl I, Ash J & Sherwood Lollar B

(2018) The Isotopic Consequences of Planetesimal Evaporation
Young E, Jordan M, Shahar A, Schlichting H, Nimmo F & Tang H

(2018) Formation Processe(s) of Methane in Submarine Mud-Volcanoes from the Marianna Trench (IODP Exp. 366)
Labidi J, Sissmann O, Giunta T, Price R, Takai K, Kohl I & Young E

(2018) Resolved Analyses of 13CDH3 and 12CD2H2 from Taiwan Mud Volcanoes
Rumble D, Wang P-L, Lin L-H, Lin Y-T, Tu T-H, Labidi J & Young ED

(2018) Bulk and Clumped Isotopic Signatures of Aerobically Produced Methane
Taenzer L, Gaube J, Rumble D, Young E, Labidi J & Leavitt W

(2018) 13CH3D and 12CH2D2 Measurements of Methane from Boreal Lakes
Haghnegahdar M, Schauble E, Kohl I, Labidi J, Walter Anthony K & Young E

(2017) Δ13CH3D and Δ12CH2D2 Signals of Methanogenesis and Methanotrophy
Ash J, Egger M, Kohl I, Treude T, Slomp C, Cragg B, Parkes RJ, Rumble D & Young E

(2017) A Model for 12CH2D<sub>2</sub> And 13CH3D as Complementary Tracers for the Budget of Atmospheric CH4
Haghnegahdar MA, Schaulbe EA & Young ED

(2017) Thermogenic and Microbial Methane in Southwest Ontario: Insights from 13CH3D and 12CH2D2
Giunta T, Young ED, Kohl IE, Ash JL, Warr O & Sherwood Lollar B

(2017) Echoes of Molecular Cloud Isotopic Heterogeneity in Primitive Solar System Materials
Young E

(2017) Methane Production and Evolution within the Crystalline Basement
Warr O, Young ED, Kohl IE, Ash JL, Giunta T, Ballentine CJ & Sherwood Lollar B

(2017) Crystal Chemical Effects on ∆'17O of Silicate Minerals: Examples from Lunar and Terrestrial Anorthosites
Kohl IE, Warren PH, Schauble EA & Young ED

(2017) An Extreme Enrichment in Atmospheric <sup>15</sup>N<sup>15</sup>N: Biotic and Abiotic Contributions
Yeung LY, Li S, Kohl IE, Ostrom NE, Haslun JA, Fischer TP, Schauble EA & Young ED

(2017) Variability in the Mass Dependence of Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation in Crystals
Schauble E, Young E & Kohl I

(2015) A Unique and Novel Ultra High-Mass Resolution Gas-Source Multi-Collector Mass Spectrometer
Young E, Rumble D & Freedman P

(2015) Tracking Methane Sinks and Sources in the Atmosphere Using Clumped Isotopes
Haghnegahdar M, Schauble E & Young E

(2014) Crustal Evolution of the Jack Hills Zircon Source and Episodic Loss of Hadean Crust
Bell E, Harrison TM, Kohl I & Young E

(2014) Biological Influences on Isotopic Ordering in O2
Ash JL, Yeung LY & Young ED

(2014) Short-Lived Radionuclides in the Early Solar System: Not so Unusual after all
Young E

(2013) Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Recorded in the Isotopic Ordering in O2 and CO2
Yeung L, Young E, Schauble E, Affek H, Boering K, Eiler J & Okumura M

(2013) Accretion and Chemical Evolution of the Terrestrial Planets
Rubie D, O'Brien D, Morbidelli A, Jacobson S & Young E

(2013) Si Isotope Systematics of Acidic Alteration of Fresh Kilauean Basalts
Chemtob S, Rossman G, Young E, Ziegler K, Eiler J & Hurowitz J

(2012) Chondrite Chronology, Planetesimal Accretion, and Implications for Water Delivery to Earth
Young E & Schlichting H

(2012) 18o-18o and 17o-18o in the Atmosphere
Yeung LY, Young ED & Schauble EA

(2011) Silicon and Oxygen Isotope Values of Cherts and their Precursors
Ziegler K, Marin-Carbonne J, McKeegan K & Young E

(2011) Silicon and Oxygen Isotopes: The Maturation of Lacustrine Diatoms
Ziegler K, Dodd J, Sharp Z, Brearley A & Young E

(2011) High Mass Resolution Gas-Source Mass Spectrometry
Young E, Rumble D, Freedman P, Schauble E & Guo W

(2011) New Insights into San Carlos Mantle Xenoliths Using Iron Isotopes
Macris C, Young E, Manning C & Schauble E

(2011) High Pressure and Temperature Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
Shahar A, Hillgren V, Young E, Deng L, Fei Y, Macris C & Georg RB

(2011) Oxygen Triple-Isotope Evidence for Enhancement of CO<sub>2</sub> Sequestration Efficiency by Diatom-Diazotroph Assemblages in a Giant River Plume
Yeung LY, Berelson WM, Young ED, Prokopenko MG, Carpenter EJ & Yager PL

(2010) Mg Isotopic Analyses of Weathering Peridotite
Ianno A, Macris C, Young E & Johanesen K

(2010) Experimental Fractionation of Ni Stable Isotopes between Metal and Silicates at 500-950℃ and 10 kbar
Lazar C, Young E & Manning C

(2010) Stable Isotopes as Tracers of Planetary Differentiation
Young E, Schauble E, Shahar A, Ziegler K, Manning C & Lazar C

(2009) Transition Metal Stable Isotope Fractionation at a Redox Interface
Kavner A, Black J & Young E

(2009) Early Archean Crustal Evolution in the Yilgarn: Constraints from Lu-Hf in Jack Hills Zircons
Bell EA, Harrison M, Lovera OM, Young ED & McCulloch MT

(2009) Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Silicate and Metal from an Enstatite Meteorite
Ziegler K, Young ED, Schauble EA & Wasson JT

(2009) Silicon Isotope Fractionation at High Pressures and Temperatures
Schauble EA, Young ED, Ziegler K, Shahar A, Halliday AN & Georg RB

(2009) Early Differentiation of the Lunar Magma Ocean – New Lu-Hf Isotope Results from Apollo 17
Taylor D, McKeegan K, Harrison M & Young E

(2009) Astronomical Oxygen Isotopic Evidence for Supernova Pollution of the Solar System Birth Environment
Young E, Gounelle M, Smith R, Morris M & Pontoppidan K

(2008) Tracing the Source of Oxygen during Pyrite Oxidation with Δ17OSO4
Ziegler K, Coleman ML & Young ED

(2008) Experimental Evidence for Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Silicate and Si in Fe Metal
Shahar A, Ziegler K, Young E, Ricolleau A, Schauble E & Fei Y

(2008) Combining Theory and Experiment to Calibrate Stable Isotope Fractionations
Schauble E, Hill P, Shahar A, Tonui E, Ziegler K, Young E & Manning C

(2008) Effects of Changing Solution Chemistry on Fe2+/Fe3+ Isotope Fractionation in Fe-Cl Solutions
Hill P, Schauble E & Young E

(2007) Demonstrating Equilibrium Fe-Isotope Fractionation in Fe-Cl Solutions
Hill P, Schauble E, Young E & Shahar A

(2007) Si and Mg Isotopic Constraints on the Astrophysics of CAI Formation in the Early Solar System
Young E & Shahar A

(2007) An Experimental Approach to High-Temperature Iron Isotope Fractionation
Shahar A, Manning C & Young E

(2007) Estimating Magnesium and Silicon Isotope Fractionation with First-Principles Lattice Dynamics
Schauble E, Tonui E, Georg RB, Young E & Halliday A

(2007) Mg Isotope Thermometry in Earth's Mantle
Tonui E, Young E, Schauble E & Manning C

(2006) LA-MC-ICPMS Analysis of Silicon Isotopes: Application to Early Solar System Materials
Shahar A & Young ED

(2006) Ab Initio and Experimental Studies of Equilibrium Isotopic Fractionation in Aqueous Ferric Chloride Complexes
Hill PS, Schauble EA, Shahar A, Tonui E & Young ED

(2006) CO self shielding, H2 O formation, and the time evolution of D17O in a dynamic early solar system
Young E

(2006) Multiple sulfur isotope constraints on microbial processes in Archaean seafloor environments
Golding S, Young E, Duck L, Baublys K & Glikson M

(2005) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Evidence for Dual Sulfur Sources in the 3.24<!s><$>Ga Sulphur Springs VHMS Deposit
Golding S & Young E

(2005) New Isotopic Measurements of Zircon and Feldspar Constrain the Magmatic Evolution at Long Valley Caldera
Simon J, Reid M & Young E

(2004) The Evolution of Oxygen Isotopes in the Solar Nebula
Lyons J & Young E

(2004) Combined 34S/33S/32S, Pb-Isotope and Trace Element Data for a Pyritic Banded-Iron Formation from the 3.71 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt
Young E, Kamber B, Baublys K & Golding S

(2003) Self-Shielding of CO in the Surface of the Solar Nebula
Lyons J & Young E

(2002) Was 26Al a Chronometer or Heat Source in the Early Solar System?
Ash R, Russell S, Gounelle M, Young E & Belshaw N

(2001) The Hydrology of Carbonaceous Chondrite Parent Bodies and the Evolution of Planet Precursors
Young ED

(2001) Magnesium Isotope Ratio Measurements by UV Laser Ablation and Multicollector ICPMS: Results from a CAI
Belshaw NS, Young ED & Galy A

(2000) Terrestrial Planet Chemistry Explained by Evaporation of Dust in the Early Solar Nebula
Young ED

(2000) High Precision Iron Isotope Measurements in Meteorites
Zhu X, Guo Y, Galy A, O'Nions K, Young E & Ash R

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