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All abstracts by Cheng-Fong You in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Isotope Characteristic (δD, δ18O, δ11B, 87Sr/86Sr, δ88Sr) of Geothermal Waters from the Tatun Volcanic Group in Northern Taiwan
Chao H-C, You C-F, Liu H-C, Pi J-L & Chung C-H

(2015) Influence of pH on Boron and Carbon Isotopes in Coral Skeletons
Martin P, Yang TT, Stewart JA, Foster GL, Wang B-S, Fan T-Y, You C-F & Goodkin NF

(2015) Lithium Isotopes in Geothermal Systems and Rivers
Washington KE, West AJ, You C-F, Adkins JF & Paris G

(2015) Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry Moderate Inter-Annual and Decadal Surface Water pH Changes in the Sargasso Sea
Goodkin N, Wang B-S, You C-F, Hughen K, Grumet-Prouty N & Doney S

(2015) Evanescent Weathering Surface Evidenced by 234U/238U Activity Ratios?
Xue R, West J, Li L, You C-F & Li G

(2015) Modern Acidification in the Nothern South China Sea Driven by Asian Winter Monsoon and CO2
Liu Y, You C-F & Shen C-C

(2014) Evaluation of Stable Strontium Isotopic Fractionation during Continental Weathering Processes
Liu H-C, You C-F, Huang K-F & Sun Y-B

(2014) Boron Isotopic Fractionation during Oxide Sorption: Application for Past Oceanic pH Estimation
You C-F, Lin Y-P & Chung C-H

(2014) Experimental Investigation of Molybdenum Isotopic Fractionation during Ferrite Oxide Adsorption
Li S-H, You C-F, Tu Y-J & Liu H-C

(2013) Precise Determination of B Isotopic Compositions in Low Concentration Carbonates and Fluids Using Micro-Sublimation MC-ICPMS
Lin Y-P, You C-F & Chung C-H

(2013) The Variation of Sr Isotopes (87Sr/86Sr andδ88/86Sr) in River Waters after Typhoon Morakot at a Small Catchment, Southwestern Taiwan
Chao H-C, You C-F, Liu H-C & Chung C-H

(2009) Ediacaran Oceanic Environmental Change Inferred from Pb, Sr Isotopes and REE Geochemistry of the Baratal Limestone, Gorny Altai Mountains, Southern Siberia
Nohda S, Wang B-S, You C-F, Uchio Y, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S

(2009) Riverine Lithium Isotope Systematic during Continental Weathering from an Active Orogenic Belt, Taiwan
Huang K-F, You C-F, Wang R-M & Chung C-H

(2002) Fluid Geochemistry of Mud Volcanoes at the Accretionary Prism in Southern Taiwan
Yeh G-H, You C-F, Chen J-C, Yang T, Chen Y-G & Song S-R

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