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All abstracts by Kazumi Yoshiya in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) U-Pb Chronology and Geochemistry of Detrital Monazites from Major North American Rivers
Yoshiya K, Itano K, Iizuka T & Maruyama S

(2017) Nitrogen/Carbon Isotope Ratios of Middle Proterozoic Sedimentary Rocks, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Matsui Y, Nishizawa M, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2015) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis of Pyrite and Carbon/Nitrogen Isotope Ratios from the Middle Proterozoic Sediments, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Nishizawa M, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2013) Heavy Element-Stable Isotope Systematics for Metallomics Induced by the MC-ICPMS Technique
Hirata T, Okabayashi S, Ohno T, Yoshiya K, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2013) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis of Pyrite in ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments from Isua Supracrustal Belt, Greenland
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2011) In situ Iron Isotope Analyses of Pyrites from 3.5 to 3.2 Ga Sedimentary Rocks of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, Kaapvaal Craton
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Shibuya T, Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2009) Carbon Isotope Analyses of Kerogen from Tumbiana Formation, Fortescue Group Shown Possibility of the Environmental Redox Changes
Yoshiya K, Sakurai R, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y, Tsuyoshi K, Yoshida N, Wada H & Maruyama S

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