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All abstracts by Miwa Yoshitake in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Ages of Pre-Mare Magmatism Recorded in Zircons and Baddeleyites of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4485
Arai T, Misawa K, Tomiyama T, Niihara T, Yoshitake M, Yokoyama T, Kaiden H & Irving A

(2016) Effect of Slab Melting for the Production of EMs Isotopic Signature
Shimdoa G, Shinjoe H, Kogiso T, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Itho J & Ogasawara M

(2009) An Old HIMU Seamount Chain Near the Japan Trench: Implications for Temporal Isotopic Variation of a Superplume
Shimoda G, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Ogasawara M & Yuasa M

(2007) Geochemical Study on Bousei, Hotta and Smetanin Seamounts Near the Japan Trench in Northeastern Pacific Ocean
Shimoda G, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Ogasawara M & Yuasa M

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