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All abstracts by Yoon Yeol Yoon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of CO2-rich Water and Groundwater from spa Areas in Granitic Aquifers in the North Central Part of South Korea
Choi H, Koh D-C, Lee J-M, Yoon YY & Ko K-S

(2019) Isotopic Variation in Precipitation with Regional Difference in Korea
Yoon YY & Koh DC

(2017) Dissolved Gas Analysis Using Diffusion Sampler
Yoon YY, Kweon HI & Koh DC

(2016) Black-Colored Deep Groundwater in the Mudstone Aquifer of Pohang Area, Korea
Lee S-G, Lee TJ, Yoon YY & Lee CW

(2013) Natural Radionuclides as Tracers in Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction
Yoon YY, Cho SY, Lee KY & Kim YC

(2013) Delineation of Recharge Patterns and Nitrate Contamination Using Stable Isotopes of Water, 3H-3He, and CFCs in an Agricultural Basin
Kaown D, Koh D-C, Yoon Y-Y, Kim H, Lee J-Y & Lee K-K

(2013) Determination of <sup>238</sup>U, Isotope Uranium (<sup>234</sup>U/<sup>238</sup>U), <sup>222</sup>Rn and Gross Alpha in the Ground Water of the Goesan Area in Korea
Cho S, Yoon Y, Cho B, Yoon Y, Lee K, Kim Y & Koo M

(2012) Strontium, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry from Two Hot Spring Waters in Busan Area, Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Kim T-K, Yoon YY, Ohta T, Lee T & Kim HC

(2011) Uranium and Radium Isotope Ratio at Korean Hot Spring Water
Yoon YY, Lee SG, Cho SY, Lee KY & Lee TJ

(2011) Optimization of a Low-Background Liquid Scintillation Counter for the Determination of 222Rn and Uranium Isotopes in Ground Water
Cho S, Lee K, Yoon Y & Ko K

(2011) Geochemical Significance of 14C, 3H, ╬┤18O, ╬┤2H and 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Data in the Hot Spring Waters of South Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Yoon YY, Kim T-K, Ohta T & Lee T

(2009) Identification of Distinct Sources of Water and Solutes from Temporal Variations of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions during a Pumping Test in a Test Borehole
Koh D-C, Chae G-T, Lee K-S, Yoon Y-Y & Park K-H

(2006) Sorption properties of 60Co, 152Eu, 160Tb, 169Yb and 241Am on Granitic Rocks
Lee S-G, Lee KY, Yoon YY, Cho SY & Kim Y

(2005) Sorption Properties of <+>60<$>Co, <+>152<$>Eu, <+>160<$>Tb and <+>241<$>Am in Geological Materials
Lee S, Lee KY, Yoon YY, Cho SY & Kim Y

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