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All abstracts by Shigekazu Yoneda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Isotopic Signatures of Intensive Activity of Young Sun from REE Isotopic Compositions in CAIs
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2017) High Precision Cr-Ti Stable Isotope Measurements for the Extra-Terrestrial Materials
Hibiya Y, Iizuka T, Yamashita K, Yoneda S & Yamakawa A

(2016) Cosmic-Ray Exposure Histories of Lunar Meteorites
Hidaka H, Nishiizumi K & Yoneda S

(2016) Mn-Cr Systematics of D’Orbigny Revisited
Yamashita K, Tanimizu M, Yoneda S, Tomioka N & Nagao K

(2015) Ba Isotopic Heterogeniety in the Solar System
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2014) Sr, Ba and REE Isotopic Studies of Eucrites
Hidaka H, Sera K & Yoneda S

(2013) Isotopic Evidence for an Activity of the Early Sun Studied from the Isotopic Measurements of Kapoeta
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2012) Large and Heterogeneous Isotopic Anomalies of Sm and Gd in the Norton County Meteorite
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2009) Incomplete Mixing of Nucleosynthetic Components in Ba Isotopes of Primitive Chondrites
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2006) Nucleosynthetic barium isotopic anomalies in carbonaceous chondrites
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2006) Chemical and chronological characteristics of perovskite in the Allende type-A CAI
Miyazaki T, Hidaka H, Horie K & Yoneda S

(2003) Neutron Fluence Measurements of the Lunar Surface
Hidaka H & Yoneda S

(2003) Noble Gases in Hiroshima H-Chondrite
Park J, Ebisawa N, Nagao K & Yoneda S

(2003) Early Aqueous Alteration of Hydrous Asteroids Inferred from Sayama CM2 Chondrite
Nakamura T, Noguchi T, Sekiya M & Yoneda S

(2001) Cesium-135-Barium-135 Chronology in the Early Solar System
Hidaka H, Ohta Y, Yoneda S & DeLaeter JR

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