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All abstracts by Samantha Ying in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Vanadium Redox Cycle: Biological and Mineralogical Considerations in Diffusion-Limited Environments
Abernathy M & Ying S

(2020) Health Disparities Caused by Geogenic Manganese Contamination of Groundwater in California
Aiken M, Ramachandran M, Schwabe K, Maki B & Ying SC

(2020) Enhanced Arsenic Leaching due to Iron and Arsenic Phase Transformations during Ceramic Water Filter Production
Schaefer M, Le N, Abernathy M, Nguyen D, Cornell T & Ying S

(2019) Mineral Evolution during Fe(II)/Mn-Oxide Redox Dynamics and Implications for Contaminant Fate
Schaefer M, Mock R, Handler R, Abernathy M, Aiken M, Garniwan A, Lee I, Scherer M & Ying S

(2018) Investigation into the Mechanisms Controlling Vanadium Transformation and Competitive Retention between Manganese and Iron Oxides
Abernathy M, Ying S & Schaefer M

(2017) Impact of Mineral-Organic Associations on CO2 Flux during Soil Moisture Transitions
Schaefer M, Keiluweit M, Avila CC, Ying S, Benner S & Fendorf S

(2017) Drought Mitigation Through Carbon Management: Improved Understanding of the Role of Soil Aggregates in Agriculture
Ying S, Avila CC, Berhe A, Bogie N, Brodiee E, Dubinsky E, Ghezzehei T, Marklein A, Nico P, Parikh S, Rath D, Riley W, Schaefer M, Scow K & Torn M

(2014) Contribution of Fly Ash to Heavy Metal Contamination of Chinese Croplands Revealed with Q-ICP-MS
Ying S, Weiss D, Bu J, Zhao R, Gan Y, Wang Y, Wilcox J & Fendorf S

(2010) Role of Dissimilatory Metal-Reducing Bacteria in Arsenic Transport within Manganese and Iron Oxide Containing Aggregates
Ying S, Griffis S, Masue-Slowey Y & Fendorf S

(2010) Biogeochemically Induced Mineral Transformations Controlling the Fate of Arsenic
Fendorf S, Masue-Slowey Y, Kocar B & Ying S

(2009) Mixed Mineralogical and Biogeochemical Controls on Arsenic Fate in Diffusively Controlled and Physically Complex Media
Ying S, Kocar B, Masue-Slowey Y, Francis C & Fendorf S

(2008) Deriving and Simulating the Coupled Biogeochemical and Hydrologic Processes Governing Arsenic Transport within Evolving Sedimentary Basins of Southeast Asia
Kocar B, Ying S, Polizzotto M, Ung M, Suy B, Phan K, Samreth S, Sampson M, Benner S & Fendorf S

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