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All abstracts by Koushi Yamamoto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2008) Systematic REE Study of Archaean (>3.0Ga) Carbonaceous Black Cherts in the Pilbara Craton: Implications for the Origin and Depositional Environment of Black Chert Containing Putative Microfossils
Sugahara H, Sugitani K, Yamamoto K & Mimura K

(2005) REE Composition of Circa 3.4<!s><$>Ga Seawater Deduced from that of Precambrian Carbonate Intercalated in Pillows
Yamamoto K, Itoh N, Matsumoto T, Tanaka T & Adachi M

(2004) Surface Appearance of Slab-Derived Helium in Non-Volcanic Area in Kii Peninsula
Matsumoto T, Kawabata T, Matsuda J, Yamamoto K & Mimura K

(2004) Influence of Residue after HF-Hclo4 Digestion on Bulk REE Determination
Yamamoto K & Adachi M

(2003) New Attempt to Geochemical Mapping of Sr Isotope in Aichi Prefecture, Central Part of Japan
Asahara Y, Ishiguro H, Tanaka T, Yamamoto K, Mimura K & Minami M

(2003) Geochemical Map of Aichi Prefecture, Central Part of Japan – Minor Elements
Tanaka T, Yamamoto K, Minami M, Mimura K, Asahara Y & Yoshida H

(2003) Geochemical Map of Aichi Prefecture, Central Part of Japan – Major Elements
Yamamoto K, Tanaka T, Minami M, Mimura K, Asahara Y & Yoshida H

(2003) Formation Mechanism and Elemental Migration of Redox Front Around the Fracture in Crystalline Rock
Akagawa F, Yamamoto K & Yoshida H

(2003) New Noble Gas Data on Basaltic Glasses from Eastern and Western Flanks of Loihi Seamount
Matsumoto T, Kudo Y, Matsuda J, Yamamoto K & Orihashi Y

(2003) Long-Term Redox Front Formation: Influence of Biogenic Activity on Matrix Diffusion
Yoshida H, Yamamoto K, Yogo S, Milodowski A & Richard M

(2003) 87Sr/86Sr Ratios in Lake Sediments in Lake Biwa, Japan -Environmental Change in the Last 200 Years-
Minami M, Oda H, Yokota K, Ando K & Yamamoto K

(2003) REE Composition of Pore Water in Pacific Pelagic Sediment
Takebe M & Yamamoto K

(2002) A HREE-Enriched Biogenic Ferric Redox Band in Tuffaceous Sedimentary Rock
Yamamoto K, Yoshida H, Yogo S, Tanaka S, Milodowski A & Metcalfe R

(2002) A Redox Front Migration Process in Sedimentary Rock – Long-Term Behavior of Nuclide Migration Relevant to Near-Field Processes in Radioactive Waste Disposal -
Yoshida H, Yamamoto K, Yogo S, Tanaka S, Milodowski A & Metcalfe R

(2002) What is Controlling the REE Composition of Pacific Deep Sea Sediment?
Takebe M & Yamamoto K

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