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All abstracts by Chris Yakymchuk in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Redistribution of Heat-Producing Elements during Melting of Mafic Crust
Kinney C, Yakymchuk C, Kendrick J & Duguet M

(2023) Magma-Shale Interaction and Volatile Mobilization at LIPs: Insights from Kinetic Experiments
Deegan FM, Bédard JH, Grasby S, Dewing K, Geiger H, Misiti V, Capriolo M, Callegaro S, Svensen HH, Yakymchuk C, Aradi LE, Freda C & Troll VR

(2023) Suprasolidus Prograde Zircon Growth in Migmatites?
Yakymchuk C

(2023) Field Observations, Petrography, Geochemistry, and Phase Equilibrium Modelling: The Four Pillars of Petrological Investigations of Crustal Differentiation
Kendrick J, Duguet M, van Hinsberg V & Yakymchuk C

(2023) How It’s Made: An in situ Study of Zircon-Forming Reactions in Subsolidus Metamorphic Systems
Dyer S, Yakymchuk C, Edgeworth I & Kendall B

(2023) Thermodynamic Modelling and Petrochronology of Taconic Eclogites of Newfoundland Appalachians: Implications for Exhumation Mechanisms
Scorsolini LG, van Staal C, Yakymchuk C & Hanchar JM

(2022) Reading the Archean Geological Archive Preserved in Tonalite-Trondhjemite-Granodiorite Suites
Kendrick J, Duguet M, Kirkland CL, Liebmann J, Moser DE, Vervoort JD & Yakymchuk C

(2021) Ca Isotopes as Tracers of Geothermal Gradients in TTG Magmas: Evidence for Hot Subduction throughout the Archean
Antonelli MA, Kendrick J, Yakymchuk C, Guitreau M, Mittal T & Moynier F

(2021) Microinclusions in Megagarnets: Throndjemitic Melt Preserved in Garnets at Gore Mountain, Adirondacks (US)
Ferrero S, Wannhoff I, Laurent O, Yakymchuk C, Darling R, Wunder B, Borghini A & O'Brien PJ

(2020) Chemical Analysis of Gem-Grade Cordierite from Canada
Fox K & Yakymchuk C

(2013) Phase Equilibria Modelling of Open System Melting: Some Implications
Yakymchuk C & Brown M

(2012) Cretaceous P-T-T Evolution of the Fosdick Migmatite-Granite Complex, West Antarctica: Orogenic Collapse along the East Gondwana Margin
Yakymchuk C, Korhonen FJ, Brown M, Piccoli PM & Siddoway CS

(2012) Zircon U-Pb, O and Hf Isotope Characteristics of Granites Emplaced during Cretaceous Wrench to Transtension in West Antarctica
Siddoway C, Yakymchuk C, Fanning CM & Brown M

(2011) Decompression Melting in Tectonics: Where’s the Melt?
Yakymchuk C, Korhonen F & Brown M

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