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All abstracts by Evgeniy Yakushev in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Model Experiment of Hypothetical CO2 Leakages from Potential CCS Site at the Baltic Sea
Protsenko E, Yakushev E & Yakubov S

(2017) Model Study of Drill Cutting Deposition Effects on Sediment Surface Biogeochemistry and Environmental State
Pakhomova S, Yakushev E, Newton A & Ardelan M

(2017) Simultaneous Simulation of Sea Ice, Water and Sediments Biogeochemistry in Kara Sea Area
Yakubov S, Yakushev E & Protsenko E

(2017) Model Analysis of Deoxygenation Connected with Acetate Dumping in the Coastal Zone
Ilinskaya A, Yakushev E & Nøst O-A

(2017) Analysing Effects of Aquaculture on Water Column and Sediment Biogeochemistry with a 2-Dimensional Benthic-Pelagic Model
Yakushev E, Protsenko E & Wallhead P

(2016) Burial, Dilution and Bioaccumulation: Modeling the Fate of Mercury Species Entering the Seawater with Drilling Waste
Pakhomova S & Yakushev E

(2016) Modeling Benthic-Pelagic Interaction for the Arctic Ocean Acidification Studies
Yakushev E

(2015) Modeling Sediment/Water Interface Biogeochemistry Changes Forced by Seasonal Anoxia
Yakubov S & Yakushev E

(2015) Modeling Fate of Radioactive Elements at the Sediment Water Interface in Different Redox Conditions
Yakushev E

(2015) Modeling Fate of Mn and Fe at the Sediment/Water Interface in Changing Redox Conditions
Pakhomova S & Yakushev E

(2011) Modeling of the Role of Organic Matter in the Carbonate System Seasonal Changes in the Barents Sea
Yakushev E & Sørensen K

(2010) On the Comparison of Redox-Interfaces Structure in Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Oslo Fjord
Yakushev E, Skei J & Pakhomova S

(2009) Zero-Valent Sulfur – Thiosulfate Redox Anomaly at the Chemoclines of Stratified Basins
Kamyshny A, Yakushev E & Jost G

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