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All abstracts by Jeremy Wykes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Zr Solubility in Silicate Melts: Insights from X-Ray Absorption Studies at High Pressure and Temperature with Implications for Mantle Zircon
Farmer N, Rushmer T, Burnham A & Wykes J

(2020) In situ Study of Redox Reactions between Fe and Cu in Silicate Melts
Miller L, O'Neill H, Berry A, Wykes J & Scott D

(2020) In situ XAS Measurement of Zr, U and Th in Silicate Melts Using the D-Dia Facility at the Australian Synchrotron
Rushmer T, Farmer N, Wykes J & Mallmann G

(2019) Caught in the Act: Incipient Metal Extraction during Melting of Metasomatically Oxidised Mantle
Tomkins A, Rielli A, Nebel O, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Evans K, Vasilyev P, Wykes J & Paterson D

(2019) The Oxidation State of Copper in Silicate Melts
Miller L, O'Neill H, Berry A, Wykes J & Burnham A

(2019) The Effect of Pressure on the Structural Environment of Trace Elements in Silicate Melts
Burnham A, Le Losq C, O'Neill H & Wykes J

(2019) Zircon Rare Earth Element Patterns as an Indicator of Ore Potential
Berry A, Crisp L, Miller L, Burnham A & Wykes J

(2017) Liquids at Extreme Conditions: An in situ High-Pressure and Temperature Study of Element Speciation in Silicate Melts via Synchrotron Radiation
Rushmer T, Wykes J & Mallmann G

(2011) XANES Investigation of Selenium Speciation in Silicate Glasses
Wykes J, O'Neill H & Mavrogenes J

(2008) Solubility of Andradite in H2O-NaCl at 800℃, 1 GPa, and the Origin of Grandite in High-Grade Calc-Silicates
Wykes J, Newton RC & Manning C

(2007) Chlorine Partitioning: The Behavior of Cl in the Presence of Sulfide – Silicate Melts and Aqueous Fluid
Sparks H, Mavrogenes J, Wykes J & Hermann J

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