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All abstracts by Kathrin Wuttig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Manganese: A Key Trace Metal in the Southern Ocean?
Latour P, Wuttig K, Van der Merwe P, Strzepek R, Gault-Ringold M & Bowie A

(2019) Redox Cycling of Iron at the Peruvian Margin
Heller M, Croot P, Lam P, Moffett J, Lee J-M, Till C & Wuttig K

(2019) Iron-Cycling in Various Environments
Wuttig K, Croot P, Gault-Ringold M, Heller M, Holmes T, van der Merwe P, Schallenberg C, Townsend A & Bowie A

(2017) Decomposition of Superoxide (O2−) Across the Mauritanian Shelf
Heller MI, Wuttig K & Croot PL

(2017) The Role of Transient Redox Species in Trace Element Biogeochemical Cycles
Croot P, Heller M, Nicholas S & Wuttig K

(2016) The Distribution of Dissolved Iron and Nutrients Across a South Pacific Zonal Section
Ellwood M, Bowie A, Hassler C, Law C, Nodder S, Maher W, Moffett J, Resing J, Sander S, Sedwick P, Townsend A, van der Merwe P, Woodward M, Wuttig K & Boyd P

(2016) The Distribution of Dissolved Trace Elements Across a Zonal Section of the Southwest Pacific Ocean
Bowie A, Ellwood M, van der Merwe P, Wuttig K, Townsend A, Baker A, Thomas M, Hassler C & Boyd P

(2013) Reactive Oxygen Species (O2, O2- and H2O2) Control Manganese Redox Cycling in the Euphotic Zone: Role of Reactive Intermediates
Croot P, Heller M & Wuttig K

(2012) O2 Controls the Biogeochemical Cycling of Cd, Fe and Mn along 85°50' W in the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific
Croot P, Malien F, Stramma L, Streu P & Wuttig K

(2011) Cell Permeability/Senescence Controls the Reduction Rate of Iodate to Iodide in Marine Phytoplankton
Bluhm K, Croot P, Wuttig K & Lochte K

(2011) Uncovering the Key Processes Involved in Manganese Biogeochemical Cycling in the Ocean
Wuttig K, Heller M & Croot P

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