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All abstracts by Peter Wurz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) In situ Detection of Extinct or Extant Microbial Life on Planetary Surfaces
Wurz P

(2019) Analysis of 1.9 Ga Chert with a Miniature Mass Spectrometer for Space: Chemical Profiling of Microfossils Preserved in the Host Mineral
Lukmanov R, Tulej M, Wiesendager R, Riedo A & Wurz P

(2017) High Resolution in situ Measurements Using Space Instrumentation Proves Ni Isotopes as Reliable Biosignature in Fossilized Microorganisms
Neubeck A, Tulej M, Wiessendanger R, Neuland M, Meyer S, Riedo V, Moreno-Garcia P, Ivarsson M, Bach W & Wurz P

(2016) Miniature LIMS for Quantitative Elemental Imaging of Heterogeneous Materials with High Spatial Resolution
Riedo A, Grimaudo V, Moreno-García P, Neuland MB, Tulej M, Broekmann P & Wurz P

(2016) Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry for in situ Space Research
Neuland MB, Mezger K, Riedo A, Tulej M & Wurz P

(2013) Accurate Isotope Composition Measurements by a Miniature LMS System Designed for in situ Space Research
Riedo A, Neuland M, Meyer S, Tulej M & Wurz P

(2009) First Results of a New Time-Of-Flight Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer
Huber L, Abplanalp D, Wurz P & Leya I

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