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All abstracts by Jane Barling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A Ce-Nd-Hf Isotope Perspective on the EMI-Emii End-Member
Doucelance R, Israel C, Boyet M, Bonnand P, Jackson MG & Barling J

(2021) Immiscible Melts Associated with Recycled Ocean Crust at Fogo, Cape Verde
Rydeblad EM, Barker AK, Barling J, Ellis BS, Duan H, Troll VR, Pérez Torrado FJ, Carracedo JC & Holm PM

(2021) Empirical and Experimental Constraints on Fe-Ti Oxide-Melt Titanium Isotope Fractionation Factors
Hoare L, Klaver M, Muir D, Klemme S, Barling J, Parkinson I, Lissenberg J & Millet M-A

(2020) A Ce-Nd-Hf Isotopes Perspective on the EMI-Emii End-Members Distinction
Doucelance R, Israel C, Boyet M, Bonnand P, Jackson M & Barling J

(2019) Nickel Stable Isotopes in Oceanic Basalts – A Proxy for Mantle Recycling?
Saunders NJ, Barling J, Fitton JG & Halliday AN

(2019) Nickel: Isotopes and Olivine. What do They Tell us About Mantle Source Components?
Barling J, Barker A & Nobre Silva I

(2018) Cosmogenic Controls on Vanadium Isotopes in Lunar Basalts
Hopkins S, Prytulak J, Barling J, Russell S, Coles B & Halliday A

(2018) Stable Nickel Isotope Fractionation in Planetary Materials
Saunders N, Barling J, Halliday A, Harvey J & Fitton G

(2017) Vanadium Isotope Composition of Lunar Basalts
Hopkins S, Prytulak J, Barling J, Russell S & Halliday A

(2017) Molybdenum Isotopes and Mantle Source Components: Heard Island
Barling J & Halliday A

(2017) High Temperature Stable Nickel Isotope Fractionation in Planetary Materials
Saunders N, Halliday A, Barling J, Harvey J & Fitton G

(2015) Cadmium Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Seawater from Ferromanganese Crusts
Murphy K, Rehkamper M, van de Flierdt T, Abraham K, Barling J, Halliday A, Hein J, Nielsen S & Reinhard C

(2015) Molybdenum Isotopic Fractionation in Clastic Sediments
Yang J, Barling J & Halliday A

(2015) Volcano Plumbing from Microspatial Analysis of Clinopyroxene Megacrysts
Paisley R, Barling J & Humphreys MC

(2015) Tungsten Isotopic Ratios in Ferromanganese Crust and Seawater
Abraham K, Barling J, Hein JR, Schauble EA & Halliday AN

(2013) Investigating Instrumental Mass Bias in MC-ICP-MS Using Isotope Ratio Plasma Profiles
Barling J, Belshaw N & Halliday A

(2013) Si Isotope and Ge/Si Ratios Record Successive Cycles of Dissolution/Precipitation of Pedogenic Clay Minerals
Cornelis J-T, Weis D, Barling J, Lavkulich L & Delvaux B

(2013) Molybdenum Isotopes during Magmatic Differentiation
Yang J, Siebert C, Barling J, Savage P, Liang Y-H & Halliday A

(2011) An Isotopic Perspective on Mass Bias and Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS
Barling J & Weis D

(2010) Mass Dependent Fractionation of Pb and Tl Isotopes in an Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma
Barling J & Weis D

(2008) Argide Interference Reduction for Fe Isotopic Analysis by MC-ICP-MS
Aimoz L, Barling J, Deboudt K, Flament P & Weis D

(2008) A Common Matrix Method for Precise and Accurate Isotope Ratio Measurement by MC-ICP-MS
Barling J & Weis D

(2007) The Effect of Sample Matrix on the Precision and Accuracy of Radiogenic Isotope Ratio Measurements by MC-ICP-MS
Barling J, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2005) High-Precision Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf Isotopic Characterization of USGS Reference Materials by MC-ICPMS and TIMS
Kieffer B, Weis D, Maerschalk C, Barling J, Dietrich-Sainsaulieu E, Williams G, Hanano D, Mahoney JB, Friedman R & Pretorius W

(2002) Oxygenation of Proterozoic Oceans: Insight from Molybdenum Isotopes
Arnold GL, Anbar A & Barling J

(2002) Mo Scavenging by Manganese Oxyhydroxides and the Seawater Mo Isotope Record in Oxic Sediments
Barling J & Anbar A

(2001) Bacterial Influences on the Concentration of Trace Metals and the Isotopic Composition of Fe Released from Minerals into Solution
Guynn RL, Brantley SL, Liermann L, Bullen TD, Anbar A & Barling J

(2000) Hf-Isotopes from Heard Island: A HIMU-Morb Connection?
Barling J, Goldstein SL & Anbar AD

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