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All abstracts by Fu Yuan Wu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) A Paleoproterozoic Basement beneath the Rangrim Massif Revealed by the in situ U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes of Xenocrystic Zircons from Triassic Kimberlites of the North Korea
Zhu YS, Yang JH, Wang H & Wu FY

(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircons from Mantle Chromitites of the Finero Peridotite (Ivrea Verbano Zone)
Giovanardi T, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M, Tiepolo M, Wu F, Langone A & Vannucci R

(2013) Existence of Elevated ╬┤18O Values in the Lithospheric Mantle: Evidence from Olivines in Sailipu Mantle Xenoliths, Tibet
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y & Li Q-L

(2013) Metasomatic Perovskite
Wu F-Y, Sun J & Liu C-Z

(2013) Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of the Alpine Periadriatic Intrusions
Ji W-Q, Wu F-Y, Tiepolo M, Langone A & Braga R

(2013) On the Evolution of the Western Alpine Orogen: U-Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Ratios in Zircons from Adamello and Bergell Amph-Rich Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R, Lustrino M & Wu F-Y

(2013) Neoproterozoic Accretion along the Southeastern Margin of the Eastern Dharwar Craton, India: Evidence from Zircon U-Pb Ages and their Hf Isotopic Composition
Vadlamani R, Chatterjee C, Ji W-Q & Wu F-Y

(2013) Two Neo-Tethyan Magmatic Suites of Distinctive Geochemical Features in Burma and Southern Tibet: Zircon U-Pb and Hf Constraints with Regional Tectonic Implications
Lin T-H, Chung S-L, Mitchell A, Thura O, Tang R-T & Wu F-Y

(2012) Age Structure of Lithospheric Mantle beneath Southeastern (SE) China
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y & Sun J

(2012) Os-Hf-Nd-Sr Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Highly Potassic Basalts in Northeast China
Chu Z, Wu F, Guo J, Yang Y, Zhang Y & Liu C

(2012) U-Pb Ages and Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of Perovskite from the Yakutian Kimberlites, Siberian Craton
Sun J, Wu F & Liu C

(2011) Precise Age Determination of the Paleozoic Kimberlites in North China Craton and Hf Isotopic Constraint on the Evolution of its Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Li Q-L, Wu F-Y, Li X-H, Qiu Z-L, Liu Y, Yang Y-H & Tang G-Q

(2011) Zircon Hf Isotopic Study of the Mesozoic Granitoids from Korea and Japan and Tectonic Implications
Lee SR, Cho D-L & Wu F-Y

(2011) Comparative Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-Os Isotopic Systematics of Xenolithic Peridotites from Yangyuan, North China Craton
Liu J, Carlson R, Rudnick R, Walker R, Wu F & Gao S

(2011) Fragments of Hot and Metasomatized Mantle Lithosphere Sampled by Mid-Miocene Ultrapotassic Lavas, Southern Tibet
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y, Chung S-L & Zhao Z-D

(2010) Os Isotope Evidence for Diachronous Formation of Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton
Liu J, Rudnick R, Walker R, Gao S, Wu F, Xu W & Xu Y

(2009) Mesozoic Decratonization of the North China Block: Evidence from Hf-Os Isotopes
Yang J-H, Wu F-Y, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Wilde SA

(2009) Heterogeneity of Os Isotopes in the Yungbwa Ophiolite
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y & Yu L-J

(2009) SIMS U-Th-Pb Dating of Kimberlitic Perovskite
Li Q, Li X, Wu F & Yang J

(2009) In situ Nd Isotope Measurement of Bastnaesite via LA-MC-ICP-MS
Yang Y, Wu F, Fan H, Xie L & Zhang Y

(2009) Tracing Magma Mixing in the Origin of Granite by in situ Hf and Nd Isotope Analysis
Sun J-F, Yang J-H, Wu F-Y & Li X-H

(2009) PbSL Dating of Garnet and Staurolite: Constrains the Age of Peak Metamorphism for Liaohe Group in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton
Xie LW, Yang JH, Wu FY & Yang YH

(2008) Lithospheric Thinning in the North China Craton: Constraints from Felsic Magmatism
Wu F-Y & Yang J-H

(2008) Association of A- and I-Type Granites at the Western Yangtze Block, SW China: Implications for Generation of A-Type Granite
Zhao X-F, Zhou M-F, Li J-W & Wu F-Y

(2008) Geochemistry, U-Pb and Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopes of the Baijuhuajian A-Type Granites in Zhejiang Province: Evidence for a Continuous Extensional Regime in the Mid and Late Mesozoic
Wong J, Sun M, Xing G, Zhao G, Li X, Wu F & Yuan C

(2008) Crust-Mantle Interaction Below NE China: Evidence from Magma Mixing
Wilde S, Yang J & Wu F

(2008) Tectonic Significance of Ca-Rich Plagioclase in Refractory Peridotites from Yungbwa Ophiolite, Tibet Plateau
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y, Yu L-J & Li J-L

(2007) Baijuhuajian A-Type Granites in the Western Zhejiang Province, SE China: Geochemical and Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions and Tectonic Implications
Wong JP-M, Sun M, Xing G, Zhao G, Xia X, Wong K, Li L, Li X, Wu F & Yuan C

(2007) Affinity of the Trans-North China Orogen: Constraints from Detrital Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions from the Fuping Complex, North China Craton
Xia X, Sun M, Zhao G & Wu F

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