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All abstracts by Gerhard Wörner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Molybdenum Isotope Systematics of the Kamchatka Subduction Zone System
Willbold M & Wörner G

(2023) What is Your Unit? Building Integrated Data Experiences for Community Use and Meta-Analysis
Profeta L, Lehnert KA, Klöcking M, Richard S, Ji P, Johansson A, Sweets HA, Sarbas B, Hezel DC, Sturm A, Möller-McNett S, Willbold M, Cao S, Figueroa JD, Wörner G & Kallas L

(2023) Calc-Alkaline Magmatism and the Origin of the Earth’s First Continental Crust
Adam J, Wellhäuser A, Firth C, Rushmer T, Turner S, Davidson A, Cronin S & Wörner G

(2023) Ensuring Consistent Data Quality and Trustworthiness in Global Databases that Synthesize Legacy and Modern Geochemical Data
Klöcking M, Lehnert KA, Profeta L, Richard S, Cao S, Figueroa JD, Ji P, Johansson A, Kallas L, Luzi-Helbing M, Möller-McNett S, Sarbas B, Sturm A, Sweets HA, Willbold M & Wörner G

(2022) Correlation of Ba-Zonation and Corresponding Diffusion Timescales Indicate a Heat Pulse-Dominated Storage Regime: A Study of Sanidines from the 33 ka Eruption of Taapaca Volcano (Central Andes)
Rout SS, Wörner G & Wegner W

(2022) GEOROC and EarthChem: Synchronizing Services on the Road to Global Geochemical Data Exchange
Klöcking M, Profeta L, Brase J, Cao S, Figueroa JD, Horstmann W, Ji P, Johansson A, Kallas L, Kurzawe D, Möller S, Mukhumova M, Nieschulze J, Sarbas B, Sturm A, Sweets HA, Willbold M, Wörner G & Lehnert KA

(2021) DIGIS and GEOROC 2.0: A Project Towards Open Geochemical Data
Klöcking M, Sarbas B, Horstmann W, Möller S, Nieschulze J, Sporleder C, Willbold M & Wörner G

(2021) Stable Cr Isotope Compositions of Modern Silicate Mantle Reservoirs
Wagner LJ, Kleinhanns IC, König S, Bach W, Rouxel O, Wörner G & Schoenberg R

(2021) Thallium Isotope Fractionation during Magma Degassing: Evidence from Experiments and Kamchatka Arc Lavas
Nielsen SG, Shu Y, Wood BJ, Blusztajn J, Auro M & Wörner G

(2020) Differences of the Crystallization and Diffusion Trends by Fo-Ni Variations
Gordeychik B, Churikova T, Shea T, Andreas K, Simakin A & Wörner G

(2020) Thallium Isotopes as Tracers of Subducted Hawaii-Emperor Ridge in Kamchatka Arc Lavas
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Blusztajn J, Auro M & Wörner G

(2020) An Andesitic Source for Jack Hills Zircon Argues for a Hadean Onset of Plate Tectonics
Turner S, Wilde S, Worner G, Schaefer B & Lai Y-J

(2019) Contrasting Pre-Eruptive Histories of Laacher See (Germany) and Taapaca (Chile) Volcanoes Constrained by Diffusion Chronometry
Rout SS & Wörner G

(2019) A New Titanium Excess Phase Saturation Thermometer for Silicate Melts with Implications for Conditions of Archean Crust Formation
Wellhäuser A, Rushmer T, Adam J, Wörner G & Turner S

(2015) Longevity of Crystal Cargo vs. Transience of Melts in Magma Systems
Hora JM, Schmitt AK, Kronz A & Wörner G

(2015) In situ Analysis of Major and Trace Elements of Hydrous Silicate Minerals and Glass by Laser ICP-MS: The Effect of Water
Wu S, Simon K, Schmidt B & Wörner G

(2015) Silicate Weathering of Igneous Rocks, Elemental Mobility, and Sources of Chemical Solutes in Rivers of Panama
Wörner G, Harmon RS, Pribil MJ & Lyons WB

(2014) Effect of Pre-Eruption Storage on Estimates of Magmatic δ18O from Minerals
Hora J, Wörner G, Albrecht N & Pack A

(2013) A Comparison of Geothermometers for Shallow Silicic Magmas
Hora J, Wörner G, Kronz A & Schmitt A

(2013) Changing Mantle Wedge Geometry and Magma Generation Processes in the Central Andes
Heistek R & Wörner G

(2013) High Pressure Fluid Evolution Derived from Veins in UHP Eclogites (Dabieshan, China)
Albrecht N, Wörner G, Xiao Y & van den Kerkhof AM

(2011) Rejuvenation of an Old Magmatic System at Parinacota Volcano, Chile
Hora JM, Wörner G, Kronz A, Banaszak M, Singer BS & Johnson CM

(2011) Processes and Timescales of Magma Evolution Prior to the Campanian Ignimbrite Eruption (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
Arienzo I, Heumann A, Wörner G, Civetta L, Moretti R & Orsi G

(2011) Petrogenesis of Monotonous Dacitic Taapaca Volcanic Complex, N. Chile
Banaszak M & Wörner G

(2011) Element Mobility Across the Boundary between UHP Eclogite and Gneiss: Insights into Supercritical Fluids in Continental Subduction Zones
Huang J, Xiao Y & Wörner G

(2011) Tracing Magma Chambers in the Lab: A Case Study on Lascar Volcano
Stechern A, Banaszak M, Botcharnikov RE, Holtz F & Wörner G

(2009) Depth-Temperature-Time Evolution in Central Andean Magmatic Systems
Banaszak M & Wörner G

(2009) Mantle Sources and Fluids in the Northern Kamchatka Back Arc
Volynets A, Churikova T & Wörner G

(2008) U-Th Age Constraints on Processes of Differentiation and Solidification in Carbonatite – Phonolite Associations
Schmitt A, Wörner G, Cooper K & Zou H

(2007) Evolution of a Maturing Arc System: The West-Central Isthmus of Panama
Wegner W, Wörner G, Harmon R, Simon K & Singer B

(2007) U-Th Magma Residence Times of the Plinian Mercato Eruption at Mt. Somma-Vesuvius (Southern Italy)
Scheibner B, Wörner G, Heumann A & Civetta L

(2007) Zircon U-Th Ages from Laacher See Indicate Coeval Crystallization of Coerupted Carbonatite and Silicate Magmas
Schmitt A & Wörner G

(2004) Sr Isotope Zoning in Feldspars at Laacher See Volcano, Germany
Ginibre C, Davidson J & Wörner G

(2002) Progress in Understanding Magma Chambers Based on High-Resolution Phenocryst Microprobe Analysis
Ginibre C & Wörner G

(2000) The Application of 226Raexc./Ba-Ratios for Dating of Baltic Ferromanganese Concretions
Eisenhauer A, Liebetrau V, Gussone N, Wörner G & Hansen BT

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